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If you’ve been on the Internet for quite some time you may have noticed pictures being turned into funny portraits that have been given by people who may or may not have too much free time on their hands. These pictures, that we now call as Internet memes (which is pronounced meem, not me-me), are now going viral over the World Wide Web and are spreading like wildfire.

Memes and rage comics alike are now one of the basis of entertainment when one logs in onto the Internet. If you go visit 9GAG, memebase, or even reddit, you can find pages and pages worth of very hilarious stuff that people post on a daily basis.

Popular memes like the Y U No guy, the troll face, or even the recently and very popular face of Zeddie Little (a.k.a. The Really Photogenic Guy) has been used to create humor and laughter all around the Internet.

However, what you might not know is that these memes can be used as great marketing materials for businesses. The following are some popular Internet memes that you can incorporate in your marketing (whether b2b or b2c).

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  1. RPG (Ridiculously Photogenic Guy)
    A runner that was seemingly running a marathon could not escape his fate to become a popular Internet sensation. Zeddie Little was running a marathon and at the right moment, smiled at a camera. Little did he know (pun not intended) was that within the next 24 hours, his face will be plastered all across the Internet.Why you should use this for marketing: The RPG meme is deemed as a person with the “perfect” smile, the “perfect” physique, and the “perfect” face. Ergo, you can state that if this guy uses such a product or service then people will tend to follow suit.appointment setting
  2. Good Guy Greg
    This is a picture of a guy with captions along the picture that states that he is, in fact, the ultimate good guy.Why you should use this for marketing: If you use this meme for your marketing, you can make it so that your business is the “good guy” within your industry. For example, you can state that he (good guy Greg) will “Does appointment setting for you, replaces lost appointments for free.”

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  3. The Most Interesting Man in the World
    The Most Interesting Man in the World is actually Jonathan Goldsmith that played a role in the commercial Dos Equis. When he said “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, it’s Dos Equis,” it sparked an Internet frenzy!Why you should use this for marketing: This meme states that if this guy can do it, he will and can do it! So you can use it as an example that your products and/or services are the best choices that clients and consumers can purchase and own.


  4. Boromir (LOTR): “One does not simply…”
    This meme started during JRR Tolkien’s movie adaptation of his novel “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.” When they were in a meeting as to who would accompany the hobbits to destroy the one ring to Mordor; where the ring was forged and where it should be destroyed.Why you should use it for marketing: For instance, your business is located within the commercial cleaning industry; you can state that “One does not simply do in-house cleaning without our help.”

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  5. The Old-spice man
    Old Spice has been known to have quirky and seemingly unbelievable commercials for decades; but this is their idea of a great viral scheme that puts their products at the top of men’s hygienic products. Isaiah Mustafa is one of the recent men that has been glorified by Old Spice to give people an insane (yet highly amusing) way of becoming successful through their line of deodorants, body washes, and the like.Why you should use it for marketing: The commercials of Old Spice are as bizarre as they can possibly be. However, it is because of this that it has gained success. So you can state that no matter the absurdity of what may happen, your product/service can get things done and get it done right.

There are tons of other memes that you can use for b2c or even b2b marketing. Just search the Internet for these and you can get a hold of sites with a ton of these memes.

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