Thinking about running a PPC campaign for your business? Pay-per-click campaigns can be a great marketing technique that drives traffic to your website, increases sales, and helps you reach your target audience.

Ready to enroll in Pay-Per-Click 101? Get started by reading the quick tips below:

•  Conduct keyword research. If you’re unable to put the necessary time and energy into your pay-per-click campaign, you should delegate the task to one of your employees or hire a professional. Without keyword research, you’ll just be guessing as to which keywords would be most effective for your campaign. Select the wrong keywords and you’re not going to have anyone clicking on your ads. Select the right ones, however, and you can end up turning your pay-per-click ads into a profitable marketing campaign. Use an online keyword tool to research which keywords will be most effective for your industry and incorporate them into your ads.

•  Know your audience. Your pay-per-click ad should be tailored to your target audience, so if you’re not sure who that is, it’s time you found out! Check out your competitors’ ads to see who they’re targeting and what keywords they’re using to get an idea of who your audience is. Once you understand who you’re writing the PPC ad for, your campaign will be much more effective.

•  Write quality content. If your ad isn’t well-written, interesting, or eye-catching, it’s not going to produce any results for you. That’s why writing quality content for your ad is so crucial. You will need to keep it short while being persuasive and engaging. If you don’t want to write your own PPC ads, hiring a copywriter is an option to ensure your campaign is a success.

•  Landing pages matter. So you’ve carefully selected keywords, figured out who your target audience is, and written a killer PPC ad, but have you thought about your landing page? Where exactly will your pay-per-click ad take your viewers once they click on it? This is a very important decision as linking to a page that is confusing, filled with errors, or doesn’t have any of the same content as your ad will make your viewer hit the back button very quickly. If you can make a landing page just for your PPC campaign, do that, or at least revise the content on the page you choose to ensure your message remains consistent.

Follow these tips to run a successful PPC campaign today!

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