PPC CampaignsPay per click advertising can be an excellent tool to advance your marketing efforts. While some might say that it is dead, there still are great amounts of people that see results from solid pay per click advertisements.  Below I will go through some tips to assist your efforts utilizing online PPC advertising. Feel free to comment with any questions or additions!

Where to Advertise

There are a plethora of places to set up online pay per click campaigns, you do not want to start off on the wrong foot by advertising in the wrong place. Also keep in mind what your strategy is. I.e. Is it for brand awareness or for the purpose of lead generation and ROI? Each outlet will serve businesses differently, and they can be costly depending on many variables, so choose wisely!

Google AdWords: This is probably one of the bigger places to utilize pay per click advertising. It is a great tool for brand awareness especially for businesses that have yet to show up on search engine results, making it great to get your name out there. There are also so many opportunities to reach individuals. You can target them through location, create ads to be placed on certain websites with a specific topic, and of course they will find your advert based on the keywords that you add to your campaigns. This keyword feature will allow you to create very targeted ads to increase your lead generation or awareness campaign. The tricky part is, Google AdWords has so many variables that go into the life of creating a successful campaign so it can be difficult and costly for beginners. If you’re adamant about learning though, try reading some resources from PPC hero or the SEOMoz blog.

Tips: Try to use your target keyword as the title of the ad to increase conversion rate, rather than trying to think of a snazzy title or brand name. Utilizing your keywords within your ad text as well as landing page will help increase your click-through-rate (CTR) while also potentially helping your quality score. Also never leave keywords at their default. Select and experiment with different match-types, rather than keeping the keyword broad. For example “Luxury Dog Leashes” is a phrase match-type, while [Luxury Dog Leashes] is an exact match-type.

Facebook Advertising
Facebook: At 193 million active users this social media network is another good way to advertise depending on your needs. Facebook’s pay per click campaigns work a lot more simply than on Google AdWords. You can create ads to get you more page likes, promote a post to get more engagements, or set-up a regular PPC campaign where you can target individuals based on location, gender, age, interest, connections and page likes. Cost per click will also generally be lower than some other PPC campaigns.

Tips: This method is best for B2C because of the targeting options available. If your goal is to increase leads and ROI, I would make sure to link the ad page to an external landing page rather than to your Facebook Page.

: Out of the other options I personally think that in terms of usability and target reach LinkedIn has better connectivity options for the B2B industry. You can target audiences by job title, location, and business size. I feel that it is even simpler to set up, however it can be a bit difficult to get results without increasing your budget well above the minimum. An added benefit is that you can set up ads that will collect user profiles if they click on your ad, allowing you to also connect with them and send an inMail.