Online video production is all about understanding your audience and writing a script that will keep them engaged with your video throughout is key.

People expect to be entertained or kept actively engaged by a video; even more so than with textual content so you must ensure that your video continues to give real value to the viewer – this could be in the form of tips, humour, ideas, advice or knowledge – it depends on what they are looking for.

Please take a look and then let us know what you think is the single most important aspect of scripting a video in the comments below?

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Here is the script from the video in case you have any issues viewing the video:

Today I am going to cover one of the most critical aspects of getting an online video right.

I am going to focus on how to script a video for online viewing in order to get the result that you are looking for.

When your video is viewed online, the consumer may be in a particular frame of mind and you need to take this into consideration with your scripting.

Get the script right and you will connect with your audience

Here is how it is done

Web browsing as an activity carries no loyalty or obligation to view your content; viewers need to be entertained and need to feel that they are getting value from the very first second that they come into contact with your content. Otherwise they click off.

There are loads of stats out there but basically you have a few seconds to win someone over to make the decision to continue watching your video and you need to offer consistent value throughout your video to not lose viewers at different stages of your video.

Firstly, what does the viewer want from your online video production?

They may be watching it to solve a problem or to overcome a hurdle. Therefore at the very beginning of the video you need to address this problem that the viewer may have and you need to tell the viewer that you have a solution (I am hoping that you do).

This will grab their attention and let them know that they are in the right place.

Next, why should they listen to you?

You just need a quick qualifier of why you are worth listening to — this could just be your job title (if it is a senior role) or it could be that you have solved this same problem for yourself.

Explain quickly how you will cover the issue and it’s solution in the video — do this briefly, no waffling — you want to get to the main content quickly.

You then address the problem and your solution to it as clearly as possible

Different video styles will tackle this in different ways but all should have a clear purpose that gives the viewer the majority of what they are looking for…BUT NOT ALL OF IT.

The video must end with a call to action that compels the viewer to take further action with you.

The aim is that the video has proven that you can solve the problem of the viewer and you have even given them a good chunk of the solution and whet their appetite to get the problem resolved using you.

Make this easy for them — tell them clearly and concisely what the next steps are, give them telephone numbers, email addresses, website URL’s or links to contact forms or other videos — whatever your goal is for the user — make this clear!

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