One Click SEOThis is my theme for SEO, Content Marketing and Organic Marketing. If you want to maximize your reach in search and your website, keep this one theme in mind.

You may think I have completely lost it here, but let me take a few minutes to explain my position.

Today, people are using the same mentality that they use with their television. Channel surfing was the word given to this particular action. Today, this same action can be applied to the way we use the internet.

It really is all about being able to click and navigate on a website. People are in a hurry and they want answers. If you want to create a click-friendly site, you must have the following information on your site as a prerequisite.

  • Phone Number – One click away from contacting a representative at your time.
  • Location – One click away from being able to pull up a Google Map or copy/paste an address into a GPS System
  • Company Representative – How many times do you go to a site, but cannot find anyone’s name. (Very Frustrating)
  • Online Inquiry – Be able to submit a question on your site.

Here is the best kept secret that I cannot believe people are not picking up on.

The Company Newsletter (New Way of Thinking)

Use your home page as your company newsletter. Seriously! It is the most popular page on our company website, Here is where you can build links to the other pages on your site. It gives your readers a condensed look at your website and people like to quickly scan and find the information they need. It is the hub where the client experience begins. In addition, the information is updated each month with fresh content.

Contact Us Page (Provide Options)

The Contact Page was another huge breakthrough that I found this year. Give people plenty of options here. Let them submit their questions online, by phone and show people you are available to answer their questions, even after normal business ours.

Company Blog Page

The company blog page should be a part of your overall website. It helps facilitate another area where content is updated regularly and it helps bring more “niche” traffic with respect to specific topics that your readers and current clients are looking for.

See Returns in Analytics

All of the search engines love this type of information. Again, it fits well with a mobile marketing strategy and by continuing to build content on your site on your home page and your blog page, you will see results. In addition, if you put key word phrases on your home page with links to content that support those key words, you instantly bring more strength to your site.


I call this approach the “One Click Away Approach” because it really brings content to people in fewer key strokes and it provides information in a way that can be quickly scanned and accessed. The behind the scenes development is really up to you as a website owner. You, as an online marketer have a lot of options available to you. I just share a few items with you that have really made a difference for me in 2015.

Picture Source: StockPick