New Google TrendsRecently, Google analysts have found some interesting trends in how the popular search engine affects businesses online. And now, they’ve shared some information about common Google trends and how you can use the site for better marketing.

Here are just a few tips your online business can take advantage of for search engine marketing success:

1.  Note Popularity

Google has its preferences, meaning certain sites are regularly ranked higher based on their sheer popularity. Having any connection to these sites will help to draw more traffic to your web site—and this increase in traffic to your site will also boost your popularity.

2.  Be Reviewed

How do you form that connection with more popular sites? By being featured on key review sites that cover consumer goods. Getting your products reviewed on a credible site helps to increase your search marketing visibility. Contact these sites regarding how to submit your site(s) and product(s) for review and details on their rules and criteria.

3.  Form Connections

Likewise, it’s important to build up a linking network not only with review sites, but also trade publications, blogs, and even the businesses themselves. These connections allow you to both exchange information and generate traffic, as it will increase the chances of being found in random searches.

4.  Use Branding

While many experts are uncertain why digital marketing works better for some and not others, as well as why some brands do or don’t catch on, they all agree that branding and/or re-branding your business is necessary to build up an online presence. Use long-tail keywords, current terms and jargon, and new digital material to brand your business effectively; this also applies to your domain names and graphics.

5.  Incorporate Multimedia

There’s a high demand for video SEM material and other visual content. Further, videos are often displayed at the top of Google searches. For those who are more creative, keep this in mind for new search marketing possibilities. And remember that multimedia content is easily transferable.

This article Now Trending: SEM Tips from Top Analysts was originally published at Numero Uno Web Solutions and has been republished with permission.