If your online marketing is not working the way you expect, a landing page could the quick fix you need.

Landing pages are highly targeted, individual pages that focus on one particular product or service. They are stripped back, with only the most essential information needed to convert visitors into highly targeted leads.

For best results landing pages should be used in conjunction with targeted advertising. When prospects “land” on your page, they might be prompted to enter their email, or call to make an enquiry.


10 Reasons to use A Landing Page

Landing pages are an excellent addition to any online marketing campaign, especially if you already pay for PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, or intend to. Here are some of the reasons for using a landing page:

  1. Affordable

Landing pages are inexpensive to design, since they’re not very complicated & usually to the point. They are a viable option for any small business to use to increase their online conversions.

  1. Quick to Build

For professional designers landing pages are quick to put together, the time & money saved can be spent getting more sales instead!

  1. Flexible

Landing pages can be adapted for almost any business & purpose. Whether you’re looking for more sign-ups, more email leads or phone calls, a landing page can be adapted to suit your needs.

  1. No Distractions

One of the main purposes of a landing page is to be laser focused, a landing page is a stripped back version of your website, in fact it might look completely different to your website. They don’t need any navigation, a side bar or too much “fluff”, just enough to sell one product or service. Since there’s less distractions, there’s less chance a visitor won’t take action, increasing your conversion rate, and your return on investment!

  1. Simple to Replicate

Once you have a tried & tested landing page, it’s easy to create more, just choose a different product or service & replace the information for another audience.

A common practice is to create variants of a landing page known as A/B testing. A different version is randomly shown to each visitor & conversion rates are compared between both A & B.

  1. Cheaper CPC

Using a landing page alongside your PPC advertising can reduce the price you pay per click for your ads. Since Google Adwords & Microsoft AdCenter rate the relevancy of your page with the keywords you are targeting, a landing page that is focused on a particular topic can help increase your score. With a higher relevancy score your CPC will go down and you will pay less for your ads!

  1. Better ROI

A well designed landing page should mean less wasted clicks from distracted or confused visitors. If your landing page gets to the point & you target the right people, there’s little reason you shouldn’t achieve a positive ROI.

  1. Faster to load

A small but relevant point about landing pages is their loading speed, since landing pages are so simple, they don’t take long to load. According to KissMetrics, loading time has a significant affect on your bottom line.

  1. Easy Testing

Landing pages are easy to test, analyze & improve. There aren’t many elements in a landing page so it’s pretty easy to see what’s stopping visitors converting, take something out or add something in.

  1. Better user experience

Landing pages are easy to use & generally don’t cause readers to get frustrated, which gives off a great impression of your business.