lead generation options

Do you feel like you’ve already tried everything when it comes to generating leads? Have you been up to date with all the current strategies, but still don’t see much of a difference?

Let’s make it clear right now: There are SO many lead generation options out there, that there’s no way you’ve tried them all. Perhaps, you’ve tried all the ones you’ve recently read about. Or, you’ve tried the most common or trending strategies, like social media marketing or user-engaged content.

But, if you’re not seeing much of a difference and your go-to excuse is, “But, I’ve already tried everything!” don’t give up just yet. You haven’t exhausted all your lead generation options. There’s more to try, and there will always continue to be more. You just need to think outside the box!

Have You Tried Guest Blogging?

You may have a blog on your company’s website where you produce your own content on a regular basis. But, if you haven’t tried guest blogging yet, then that might be a good reason you haven’t seen more leads come in.

While creating content on your site is a great idea, if you’re a small business or a start-up, that content may not be reaching many people. That’s why it’s important to reach out to companies and businesses in your industry that are already well established with a large following. Ask them if you can write a guest post for their site, that backlinks to yours. This will be incredible exposure for you which will certainly help bring in more leads.

Have You Tried Making a Youtube Channel?

We know what you’re thinking. Videos aren’t really your thing. You don’t even know where you would start if you did have a Youtube channel, or something of that nature. But, honestly, making videos isn’t that hard. There are tons of free websites and apps out there that can help you edit videos, cut scenes, and add text, music, images, and all kinds of other things. You don’t really need any experience to try these out, and you’ll be impressed with the final product.

Sure, it takes time at first. But, if you can start putting out videos on a Youtube channel even just once a week, you’ll be surprised how many leads it could bring in. People are much more inclined to watch short videos than other types of content, and all it takes is one great video shared online to get leads to start following you. Give it a try!

Have You Tried Offering Free Whitepapers?

While you may think that the use of a whitepaper doesn’t apply to your company, we’re sure you can find some way to use one. And, if not, a short eBook is a great alternative. Whitepapers are any in-depth report about a specific topic. This could be anything from cyber security, to education, to travel programs. They are meant to offer insight on a topic that you’re an expert in, providing really useful, often statistic-backed information that your leads would appreciate. Make it free, and you’re gold!

Have You Brought Your Business Offline?

We can’t stress this one enough! If you haven’t tried to bring your business offline, then what are you waiting for?! You definitely haven’t exhausted all your lead generation options yet. There are so many countless ways to bring your business offline. You can offer workshops, attend events where you have a booth, give out your business card at networking events, be a sponsor, etc. Even if you run your entire business online, that’s even more of a reason to bring it to the physical world.

Have You Started a Referral Program?

Last but not least, have you started a referral program? If you can’t answer “yes” to this question, that means you haven’t used up all your lead generation options yet. A referral program means that every time a customer refers a friend to your site in one way or another, they get some sort of discount. It’s a win-win for both parties. You get leads and they get even more of a reason to use your business again and again.