Thinking about building a website or redoing a current one?

These are the questions you MUST ask yourself before investing in a new site. The absolute worst thing you can do when redoing or building a new website is to invest your time and money without asking yourself the right questions.

You’ll end up with a “cool” website without visitors and no sales to speak of.

Set yourself up for success.
Make sure you can answer these questions first.

How are you going to get traffic to your site?

If you build it they will NOT come. I promise – They won’t. You have to have a plan for consistently getting traffic.

Although trusting in organic Google search can work for a portion of your traffic. What about the rest. Do you have a plan for paid traffic (ads) or social media? You have to be thinking about it.

What are you trying to get visitors to do when they visit the site?

The wrong answer is – “Call me.” or “email me”

You’re going to have such a small percentage (less than 1%) of your traffic take that action that you’re going to think your website is useless. (we’re talking less than half of a percent – way less)

Who is going to create the content for your site?

You’re going to need content for your site. More than just a home,services,about, and contact page.

Who is going to create it? As the business owner or marketing manager I bet you don’t have the time to write the content needed. Either be willing to hire a copywriter or have a staff member create the content needed. Make a plan and stick to it, this isn’t something you just want to go halfway on.

Why do you people buy from you vs your competitors?

If you can’t answer this question you’ll be lost when crafting he headlines, benefits and all of the content for your site. You really need a professional copywriter to come in and help you figure this out.

You can’t afford to have your website that is just a pretty picture.
It has to be sales focused getting visitors to take action and having a strong value proposition is the first part in that process.

Do you have a visual identity? or Are you happy with your graphics and brands.

A website has to be strong graphically. There is no way around it.

If you have a dated logo and visual identity (fonts, colors, styles) this is the time to do start fresh. NOW IS THE TIME. If you’re website doesn’t look at least “up to date” people are likely to question you and your company.