7 Features Mobile Website.jpgLast week, we delved into the topic of why mobile-ready websites are so important this year. But simply having a mobile-ready website isn’t necessarily going to help a small business do better marketing. That mobile-ready website has to actually do something. What do users want out of a company’s mobile website? What features are essential? Which ones are frivolous?

We’ve looked at research from Google and picked over facts unearthed by some of our favorite mobile marketing bloggers to find the answers. This list can’t be called comprehensive; plus, the mobile marketing landscape is still in a near-constant state of flux. But those disclaimers aside, this list should give you a good idea of where to as you build a mobile-ready website.

7 Mobile Website Features Users Say Are Important

  • Fast load time. (For obvious reasons, right?) Also, it’s worth noting that more than half of users say a frustrating experience on a mobile website would make them think less of the brand.
  • Location and/or operating hours, 76%. The majority of mobile searches are for local businesses. So, it makes sense that users want to find out where you are and when you’re open.
  • Click-to-call functionality, 61%. If I’m looking up a restaurant, I want to be able to put my thumb on their phone number and push straight through to the phone line. 61% of mobile website users agree with me. If you’re using WordPress or Squarespace, this feature practically takes care of itself. So, do your part and include a phone number on the page.
  • Send an email, 54%. Again, ease of communication is essential.
  • Download an app, 53%. Don’t have an app? Don’t worry. Bridget Randolph at Distilled argues that if you have to pick between a mobile app and a mobile website, go with the website. I completely agree. Check out her #2 point on the linked blog post to see why.
  • Get to the company’s social networking page, 48%. It’s easier to update your Facebook or Twitter than it is your website. Your mobile-savvy customers know this. So, if they want information about something going on tonight or this weekend, they’re likely to click over to your Facebook or Twitter page through your website. Just give ‘em a link!
  • Play a video clip, 41%. Embedding YouTube on your mobile site couldn’t be easier. If you’ve got videos, put them out there – but avoid autoplay! You shouldn’t assume your mobile website visitor wants a video sucking up data and interrupting them without permission.

What mobile website features should you consider? Take a look below:


What features would you never leave out of a mobile-ready website?