It’s been mentioned in various blogs – I even heard it directly from someone who works at Google.  By 2013 – it is expected that mobile web searching will surpass desktop web searches.

There are roughly 644 million active websites out there right now.  Some studies have estimated that 80% of consumers abandon a website because it isn’t mobile friendly.

Are you one of them?

Go ahead – pull out your Droid or iPhone and check out your site.  Do you have to pinch your fingers in order to see the text or navigation?   If so – it’s safe to say 80% of your mobile traffic leaves right away – and you’re losing business.

Why should you care?  

Because as a business owner or an executive within a company – your toughest question is “how do I get clients” or “how do I get customers?”

How do you fix this and ensure your site is ready for the mobile era? Businesses who don’t have a mobile friendly site fall into 1 of 2 categories:

First – if your site has the latest bells and whistles (videos, sliding graphics on the homepage, social sharing, and non-cluttered design and color scheme that makes it simple to navigate your site) then a simple plug-in “should” suffice.  Upload the plug-in and test it out.   Does your branding transfer via the plug-in yet not require you to pinch the screen?  If so – you’re good.

Second – if your site doesn’t have the bells and whistles mentioned above – it’s time for a new website design.  And pronto.  When I am in the prospective phase of working with clients – the first place I look at is their website.  I can drive traffic to your site – but if the design doesn’t allow for a visually pleasing experience – they’ll waste their money working with me unless we re-design the website first.  Why?  Because people will leave the site right away with a poor design.

How I can tell is by looking at the bounce rate. Bounce rate is the % of people who leave your site after viewing 1 page on your site.   If you have a high bounce rate – that means one of 2 things – either your content isn’t interesting enough or they don’t know where to go next.

Typically it’s a combination of both.

(btw – Preactive Marketing‘s bounce rate is less than 1%.) What’s your bounce rate?  Tweet us or post to our timeline on Facebook and tell us!

The typical reason people are reluctant to redesign their website is because it costs too much.

It doesn’t.  It’s a small investment that will result in a lower bounce rate, more visitors, and more business.  Your website is NOT something you should go cheap on.  But it doesn’t have to break the bank, either.

You only get one shot – so make it count.

Want us to help you prepare for 2013?  Send us your website today and we’ll give you a complimentary website review.  (Don’t worry – we won’t send you annoying follow-up emails afterwards.)