However successful you might be working in display advertising, you’ve got so many ways for further development ahead of you, if you’re not paying sufficient attention to mobile ads yet. That’s majorly so, as it’s the mobile sector, which has become a total recent hit, also comprises incredible potential for the future.

Much due to the huge growth of purchase rates in the smartphone and tablet niches, mobile advertising appears to be a true gold mine in terms of possible profits, giving that you keep in mind and use favorable strategies.

Among the broad multitude of widely-described methods, there might be determined several ones, which will certainly help you enhance your revenue.

Rich Media Beat Standard Ads

For what it takes, rich media ads are absolutely indispensable both in display and mobile segments and happen to bring much more revenue, than the standard ones. Being generally much more engaging and interactive in their entity, rich media evoke greater feedback from the users’ side, which, consequently leads to the increase of your profits.

Video, Video, Video…

No matter how bright and attractive the particular mobile ad is, it will definitely turn even more attractive, if you’re applying video. To say, even though there’re still certain hurdles in the video advertisement niche for now, the received results aren’t likely to be disappointing. Here, in addition to the technical side, you should also prepare the intriguing scenario and make sure to check, whether the length and the streaming speed of the video are optimized.

In-APP Ads Get More, than APPropriate

Mobile application diversity has gotten seemingly immeasurable these days and the prospects for the future are commonly named incredible. Relatively, in-app ads turn out to be more and more advantageous especially those, being displayed on iOS and Android devices.

Such trend will, obviously, be a long-lasting one, since in-app ad campaign launch and management have become much simplified with the introduction of SDK’s from the side of both the old-known and the fresh ad platforms, like Epom. The latter ones, in particular, make it possible to track the number of app installs and improve the profitability of your in-app ads correspondingly.

Stay Hungry, Stay Flexible

According to Adam Jablonski, CEO of Epom, flexibility is the prior if not the only way to succeed in advertising, no matter which exact segment you’re engaged in, and this statement is commonly supported by world’s most experienced and reputable experts. Thus, remember that it’s always rewarding to stay tuned, regarding the constant changes in the advertising world and be willing optimize your mobile ad performance, depending on what’s getting either more, or less trendy on the market.