Missed Opportunity

Are you missing out on a great chance to sell more on your site? Probably! Most site owners are and they don’t even realize it.

The “Thank you” page is one of the most underused pages on a site. (The page that comes up after someone successfully completes an order).

The “thank you” page is a great way to increase revenue, here’s why: when people are already in “buying mode” it is the perfect opportunity to tempt them with other things. They already have their credit card information entered, they trusted you enough to buy something already and it’s likely that no “buyer’s remorse” has kicked in yet (not that it always does, but sometimes it does and selling them more before it hits can actually help cement the whole deal, they are more committed to the total purchase).

After someone has added one of your products to their cart and actually purchased, you have the following options:

  1. Let them check out with just that product and be happy with the sale. Any sales are a good thing, so most people just leave it at this. I think it’s a mistake and you are wasting some of your best “real estate”.
  2. Another option is to offer a selection of best-selling or other related products within your shopping cart before they check out. Many shopping carts have this feature set up automatically. It’s a win/win situation. You earn more revenue per customer and the customer has the opportunity to buy another product that is well suited to them, based on their first purchase.

Why do I think this is some of your best real estate on the site? Because you have the customer’s attention and you already have their trust, and that my friends, is a nice combination! People tend to pay attention to the thank you page. After they have placed their order they want to see any important details regarding their order. So you have a captive audience that is in buying mode. What more could you ask for? It’s the perfect opportunity for you to increase the value of that customer (get more money out of them!)

Implementing a thank you page offer doesn’t have to be complex, but here are a couple things to think about.

You should create a sense of urgency, consider making it a time sensitive special offer (order within the next 10 minutes, or hour or 24 hours).

Be sure to include customer reviews/testimonials of the products that you are offering, to help increase the trust factor.

What's Your Special Offer?

Don’t let your customers off too easy, most customers will tolerate (and often welcome if the product is well chosen) a couple of up-sell / cross-sells within their transaction. Don’t abuse the opportunity by throwing everything you have at them though. Pick 1-2 of the products that you think is the best fit for them.

There needs to be some connection to what they already purchased for it to really catch their interest. If you are just randomly throwing products at them with no connection, it’s hit or miss. If you have something that says: Since you bought x, you might also need y and then a little text on how or why they are connected.

Some classic examples of well thought out upsells are:

  • Selling shoe cleaner/leather cleaner with shoes.
  • Offering a matching handbag with shoes.
  • If you sell a day planner, also offer a matching business card case or briefcase.
  • If it’s near the holidays, consider offering the “buy one for yourself and another to give as a gift” option to your shoppers.
  • If you are selling music, offer CDs by other artists the person is likely to be interested based on their first selection.

As I mentioned, many carts offer this feature automatically based on product categories. Sometimes you need to set it up manually. Be sure you take the time to think it through properly.

If you don’t have any other products you can up-sell consider promoting products that you can earn commissions on (they still have to be related to their initial purpose). You would have to do research and see what affiliate programs you can join or seek out joint ventures with others in complementary industries.

Some other things to consider:

Can you sell a warranty, or support plan? It helps you and the customer and it’s the perfect time to do it.

Great ideas

Can you sell something related to the maintenance or up-keep of the initial product they bought? Example: the shoe or leather cleaner mentioned above. Think about what they need to maintain and protect the product they just bought and offer it to them.

Is the product something they will consume and need to replace again in a certain time period? If so, can they stock up now so they don’t run out down the road? Offer them a savings for buying 3 or more all at once.

Is your product or service related to something seasonal? If so you could remind them to stock up now while the product is available and in demand.

As always, you should test to see what gets the best results for you. Some people say “if you aren’t pissing people off, you aren’t marketing strong enough” and I am not suggesting you actually have to take it that far. You don’t have to get obnoxious or stick your customer in a sales funnel they can’t get out of. But you also don’t want to waste that valuable page. You could play with different formats: try a split screen with the completed transaction info on the left side and the upsell offer on the right. Or the upsell on the top of the screen and the order confirmation on the bottom. The key is to make it compelling, make it clear and don’t make it too cluttered or it’ll get ignored.

Put some thought into how you can implement this and give it a try. One of the best ways to increase revenue is increasing the value of your existing customers.

With over 13 years in the industry, Jennifer Horowitz, Director of Marketing for EcomBuffet, has amassed much knowledge and experience and has much to say about all things SEO (marketing, copywriting & social media). Always happy to share with an audience, Jenn is now a regular contributor at Level343.