Content Creation MarketingThe quickest way for an online marketer to become a Starbucks barista is to think big. Big thinking is a high risk, low yield investment. In today’s world of New Media, small thinkers are scoring big hits. Micro-focused marketing strategy is putting savvy content creators on the fast track to profiting from niche-targeted content.

Three Reasons to Love the Niche

1. Built-in Audience. How many of us attempt to walk the wire by producing universally adored content? I hope you have health insurance. You’re going to need an MRI after that fall. The market has never been more fickle. “Stratification” is the word o’ the day. Delivering targeted, tasty content has never been more important. The audience is there. Tap into their pleasure center by pumping out niche-relevant videos, e-books, info products and watch your fan base surge. Why bang on everyone’s door when you can knock on just the doors of your supporters? Crazy psychic prediction: They may spread the word to others with similar interests. Wow, chills. I need to set-up a card table on the Venice Boardwalk!

2. Money! Put yourself in an ad buyer’s overpriced shoes. They need to make important decisions on how to blow their on-line ad budget. After web traffic stats, the next metric of importance is: demographics. Who consumes your content? The more specific the demographic target, the better the match for an advertiser. Car companies would prefer to embed their ads on automotive or car geek content where they can reach interested eyeballs who can purchase their products. Plus, Google Adsense loves the niche. Help advertisers reach their target audience and they’ll help fund your desire to make videos on Chia Pets. Niche Alert!

3. Community Support. “Why beat ’em, when you can join ’em” must be your new media mantra. Don’t spend time and money trying to build a better You Tube. Join the community and use their built-in audience to drive traffic to your content. I used to think I needed a stand-alone website for all my ventures. Wow, what a colossal waste of HTML coding time. The quickest way to spread the word is to go to where the people are. They ain’t hanging out at…yet. Once the community loves you, they’ll sign on as Promotion Mercenaries. Word of mouth is the cheapest, most effective marketing plan on-line.

There’s power in the niche. Small crowds can drive huge traffic which can generate big sales. Do some keyword research and look for subjects with manageable levels of popularity. Instead of creating a general dog training video or e-book, focus on a specific breed. People of the niche are dedicated to their niche. Marketing to the passionate is like trying to find a nerd at a Star Wars convention. Are you starting to see the benefits of thinking small? May the niche be with you.