Knowing your ROI is incredibly important. If you don’t know which marketing efforts are driving ROI for your business, you’re more likely to make uninformed decisions that may cost you big time. Making decisions based on data rather than thoughts, feelings, and emotions can help you drive even more ROI for your business.

In order to know what marketing is working for your business, you have to understand your reporting, your business, and your customers’ behavior online.

Here are three things that will help you measure and understand the ROI for your PPC campaign:

Know How Searchers Buy in Your Industry

There is a huge element of latency when it comes to PPC that varies in intensity across different industries. For example, when you are looking to spend $100k remodeling your kitchen, you probably aren’t going to do business with the first company you find online. You’ll likely do a ton of research, look at reviews, and price check different companies you find before making an appointment. But, when your toilet is overflowing and you have two kids under two – you better believe you are calling the first emergency plumber you find online. Understanding how searchers buy from your business in your industry is crucial and can help you determine your true ROI. If your business is in one of the industries that has a longer buying cycle, you may see more clicks and fewer appointments booked, but keep in mind how much revenue those booked appointments are bringing in.

Look at Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a holistic view of your website and your digital efforts. I’m a very strong believer in analyzing year over year and month over month. In my opinion, you can’t determine how your marketing efforts are performing at a snapshot in time without analyzing both. Google Analytics can help you see the big picture of your marketing efforts and see what’s working best for your business.

Use a Lead Management Software

Lead management and tracking software can show you where your leads, not just clicks, have come from and can help you determine what’s actually working to drive ROI for your business. This software tracks the calls, emails, chats, and form fills from all your marketing and displays the results so you always know what’s driving leads.

Measuring your PPC campaign is the last piece of the puzzle in mastering PPC and can help you improve your campaigns and determine what success looks like for your business.