Mastering PPC: Choosing Your Focus Keywords

Running a PPC campaign can be extremely rewarding but equally intimidating. It’s necessary to increase ROI, grow, and stay competitive in your market. But, you don’t want to jump into pay per click without identifying a strategy.

We’ve identified eight important elements of a successful PPC campaign that we’ll be sharing in an eight-part series. The first part of our series is about focus keywords because the first step in running a successful PPC campaign is to identify your focus keywords and ensure you know exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Here are three tips for choosing your focus keywords:

Determine Your Goal

While you may want to choose keywords for each of your products or services, you must decide if your strategy is going to be around your highest ROI products or services or your highest volume products or services. Do you want steady, lower transaction jobs (i.e. garage door repair and service), or are you looking for the big hitters like “garage door installation and replacement?” Determining your goal is a key first step in figuring out which keywords you’re going to focus your PPC campaign around.

Research vs. Buying Keywords

Research keywords are keywords that buyers search at the beginning of their purchasing cycle to get background information about products or services, and buying keywords are keywords that users search closer to making their purchasing decision. There are times when it makes sense to include research keywords in your PPC campaign, but more often than not, you should include buying keywords in your PPC campaign and research terms in your display retargeting campaigns. An example would be “kitchen remodeling companies” as a buying keyword and “kitchen remodeling ideas” as a research term.

Identify the Products or Services You Want to Promote

Finally, you have to identify exactly what products or services you want to promote, unless you have the budget to promote everything. If you are a personal injury, or PI, attorney, your first thought might be to pursue the keyword, “PI attorney,” but you’re likely aware that keyword is expensive because of the competition out there. Instead, you could analyze your firm and realize that auto accidents drive the best ROI. So your strategy could be to create ad groups around bus, train, car, truck, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents.