Master Toolbox: How to Boost Your SEM SuccessSearch engine marketing (SEM), like any other procedure, can be made easier if you have the right tools. These are especially advantageous when considering that many businesses don’t know about them, which means you could soon have the upper hand. Here are five tools to consider adding to your web marketing toolbox to boost your SEM success and get a step up on your competition:

1. Google Tools

You’re likely already using Google in some way, so you can be notified if your PPC ad optimization or a competitor’s receives a response or is mentioned somewhere on the Google landscape. Google also has its own tools that allow you to share related files and update your information, including chart/spreadsheet material. In addition, many of these tools are free to use if you have a Google account. Examples: Google Alerts and Google Drive

2. Social Media Tools

Social media is a creative format for your search engine marketing, but if you’re managing a lot of web sites, they can become disorganized pretty quickly. If you’re performing multiple social media updates, tracking analytics, or wishing you could edit material at any given time, a social media dashboard tool will benefit your business. These tools allow you to manage and track all social media material from one program. Example: Hootsuite

3. File Hosting Tools

If you are using a lot of files, including multimedia ones like those used for video SEM, you need a tool that can organize them into a single unit and always be accessible. Luckily, there are many file hosting tools to assist with this that can be accessed from any location. Example: Dropbox

4. Visual Content Tools

Sick of using clumsy visual-assist programs for web site marketing graphics? Want better programs to create an infographic that looks professional and worthy of an industry presentation? Seek out one that connects to a cloud server and both creates and stores graphic information that can be retrieved easily. Example: Prezi

5. Keyword Tools

There are going to be times when you will have to quickly upgrade the keywords for your PPC, SEO, and related materials. While some think they can always devise successful keyword phrases themselves, it’s best to have a quality keyword tool that can generate the ideal keywords to refresh your SEM materials at any given moment. Example: Keyword Eye

This article Master Toolbox: How to Boost Your SEM Success was originally published at Numero Uno Web Solutions and has been republished with permission.