Marketing online is no longer a matter of ‘if’, it’s ‘how’.

Over the last five years we’ve seen a dramatic shift in human behavior. We’ve gone from being connected to hyper-connected. Our lives today are wildly interconnected. And the way information travels is extremely complicated. The internet has changed the way that we find and discover. The way we connect. The way we share. The way we shop.  More and more of the stuff we used to do offline, we now do online.

It’s no wonder that the ‘gurus’ and ‘pundits’ have claimed the death of offline marketing.

But, the dirty secret of the digital marketing world is that it’s becoming harder and harder to reach people.

Marketing online is not the panacea that it once was. When social media was new it was easy to get ‘friends’. It was easy to garner attention. We’ve become more sophisticated. We no longer just ‘like’ everything we see. We no longer read every post. We’ve caught onto the tricks and scams. We’ve evolved. In fact, getting somebody to pay attention to you online is just as hard to do online as it is offline. I retract that statement. It’s even harder.

Provided below are three tips to help you break through the clutter.

Bring it

You need to be smarter. More strategic. More awesome. You need to execute with laser precision. You need to be not just creative…but ‘knock their socks off and blow them to the moon’ creative. You need to ‘bring it’. Hah, I made you say, “oh, it’s broughten.” in your head. Remember, you’re competing with Baby Monkey Riding on a Pig (backwards).

Bring it or else you’ll just be another post that whizzes by in the stream.

Add value

How do you get people to pay attention? How do you create an online community? How do you get better SEO rankings? How do you get somebody to share your link? My answer is always the same: add value.

Help people. Make their lives better. Be generous. Contribute. There are a bazillion other things to do online. Make sure what you provide counts.


I’m always surprised when I talk about marketing online and I hear from people that they , ‘simply don’t have time’ or ‘I don’t spend anytime online’ (often whispering, “oh that’s just for nerds”).

Really? You don’t have time? You don’t spend time online?  Well I do. As do hundreds of millions of other folks. And, we’re busy looking at ‘Baby Monkey’. If you can’t commit just a bit of your time to add value to our lives..why should we do the same for you? Marketing online about participation. You can’t do it from the outside looking in.

Have something to add to the mix? Disagree? Leave a comment and let’s discuss.