Let me guess? You’ll come up with a product, upload it online and wait for it to sell by itself thinking “it’s so awesome everyone will go crazy over it.” But then time passes by and it gathers dust in your basement or in the folder in your computer without anyone hitting the ‘buy now’ button. What do you do wrong? Well, my friends, all of it. Yes. You can’t expect to sit with your hands crossed and become rich from selling online. Things just don’t go like that in real life. Especially not in the online world.

Selling is not a one-night wonder. Selling requires experience and patience. Lots and lots of patience to learn every lesson and implement it later on. People need to be persuaded and convinced to buy your product instead of the one of the competition. So it’s crucial to make them want what you sell.

I know you might be freaked out right now but it’s not as impossible as it sounds. You can accomplish that with a little more dedication and a little more of these points I’m about to show you. So let’s sail this ship and see where it leads us.

Travel the world

luggage in a female hand on a background of the sea

Ah… The exotic deserts in Africa, the historical paradise that’s Europe, the traditional Asia and, of course, the nest of modern technology and progress in the form of the USA. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mean you to climb on a plane and embark on a long journey. I only want to make you aware that you can do that from the comfort of your room. Type in the name of the country and Google will make sure you know everything about it. But why am I saying all of this? How can that help you engage your potential customers?

Observe it this way, by studying the different cultures in the world you actually get to know your customers and the products they’ll most probably love buying. Now it makes sense, doesn’t it? Apart from your creativity and imagination you have to be clever and include something that will differ you from all the others. Something that will trigger the customers’ wish to buy your exact product.

For example, if your target customers are from India, it would be a nice touch to make the product’s package with a design or two from the Indian culture. See what I’m talking about?

Eyes on the target


Now we’re talking! As every professional archer you always have to keep your eyes on the target. And in your case, that target is actually your target audience. The moment you upload your product or service for selling online, you have to think of the target audience that’s most probably going to buy it. Then adjust every tiny little detail to their needs. From the pictures up to the description.

Let’s say that you sell your hand-made bracelets online. Obviously your target audience will be female customers mostly teenagers and adolescents. That’s why your pictures of the bracelets should be with bright backgrounds, preferably pink or red or violet or just a place they would be familiar with like a school or a mall or something like that. As for the descriptions, make them simple and more understandable. Don’t escape the subject and explain only what the bracelets are made of and when they can wear them. Also you can slip a jargon in between to make them more interested like ‘Show the chicks in your class who’s the fashion queen with these awesome bracelets’. Just like that you’ve convinced your target audience to buy what you sell.

Teach in kindergarten

interior of a kindergarten

And back we go to kindergarten. But not as you think. This time you have to teach there. Why? It’s because then you get to learn how to explain things in a more approachable and simple way. As the saying goes, if you’re not sure whether people will understand you, try explaining the thing to a little child. That is exactly what you need to lure your customers into what you sell. Think of your product or service and write its description in a way that it reflects the characteristics and is compelling and interesting in the same time.

For instance, if you sell computer equipment, try to find a replacement for every technical term. Instead of firewall use protection, replace CPU with processor, bytes with memory and so on. With that you’ll turn the hardware/software in a very attractive product and as they’ll be able to understand the description, the customers would like to buy it even more.

Pat on the back

Horizontal image of a businessman congratulate his colleagues

You know how kids whenever they see someone wearing or having something cool shout, “Mom I want that!” It’s totally the same with people online. As soon as they see someone with authority and expertise in their field recommending something, they want to own it, too. How’s this connected with what you sell? It will be, once you give a sample of your product or service to an influencer that’s famous in their field. Then they’ll use it and show it to their subscribers who will probably be interested into buying it or sharing it even further. That’s how before you know it everyone has fallen in love with what you sell.

To illustrate let’s imagine that you sell ebooks on marketing and other economic subjects. Choose an influencer that is well-known in this field such as a blogger that writes about economy, fellow author of economic books that has a wider audience, a professor and so on. Then give them your ebook for free and ask them to promote it among their circle of friends and followers. You’ll see how when people see them referring to it in their posts, their wish to own it will grow, thus bringing you the desired sales.

Phew, we reached the dock. I think that this ship gave us quite the journey and taught you some lessons that last for a lifetime along the way. All of these points are the perfect guide when it comes to convincing people to want what you sell and will help you on your way to reaching the sales you dream of. What matters is that you understand the real meaning and importance of having a strategy for your online sales and implement it. Happy selling