It could be said that in some ways the Internet mimics life. If we see an attractive person we might say, “She’s hot, what a 10,” or, “He’s not bad, I think he’s a 6.” Seems to me the same thing is done with websites. PageRank is given to websites on a scale of 0-10, and if your site is really hot, wildly popular and has many backlinks from relevant high authority sites then you might be scored a 10.

Being a 10 is a lot of hard work. You’ve got to workout (provide great content), diet (relevant content), apply makeup (make content shareable), dress great (content that is entertaining) and have a warm personality (content that is engaging and valuable.)

Of course, it is highly debatable as to whether it’s really that important to be “scored” high on the web. But everyone will agree that it is very beneficial to have others speak positively about you (link to your content.) So, just how desirable is your site? Does it have what it takes for link attraction?

Many sites do link building whereby they reach out and ask other sites to link back to them. Link attraction, on the other hand, is the golden moment when a site links back to you without  even asking them to. They found your content to be relevant and valuable and wanted to share it. These “gifts” might be discovered in reviewing backlinks, seeing traffic from the other site in analytics, or by having a Google alert set up for your brand or site name.

How can you facilitate your website to be more link attractive? Here are some elements and whether or not they might help:

  • Large Flash section of a beautiful setting sun or rotating products that takes up half the page – Not really
  • Helpful and/or entertaining videos – Yes
  • Multiple product pictures and links with no content on the page – No
  • Infographic that gives visualization of your industry or other relevant topic – Definitely
  • Interviews of industry professionals, suppliers, staff or clientele – Yes indeed
  • A blog with several relevant and informational posts per week – You betcha
  • Articles or “Top 10″ lists that help to solve problems or provide needed information – Oh yeah
  • A fun contest, especially one that encourages creativity – Mmmm Hmmm
  • Downloadable and printable content, such as free guides and checklists – Of course
  • Case studies to showcase your success and share your ideas – By all means

So you get the idea. Provide timely, valuable information that will entertain and assist those that need it when they need it. This will make your site link attractive and help you score big time.

Have you added something to your site that has been exceptionally link attractive? We would love to hear about it.