PPC ExpertsWe’ve looked at the superheroes. Now let’s look at the experts.

Everyone is an expert. Or, rather, everyone says that they are experts in one thing. Be it disassembling and reassembling a carburetor from a 1955 Buick or knowing what bizarre language was spoken down to the consonant sounds in a particular science-fiction film, there are loads of people who profess to be experts. Some are, and some aren’t. You don’t have to go to school to be an expert, but you have to prove that you are one by applying your knowledge to achieve a tangible life result.

As you may or may not have encountered, the online business world is chock full of experts. They say they can bring thunder from the gods to make your web site look slick or do magic on your online marketing schemes to make you a fortune overnight. While some are clearly charlatans, it’s harder than you’d think to separate the truth tellers from the phonies. The Internet as a business medium is relatively new. There haven’t been many schools to direct people in the right direction to properly gain business acumen from it. A lot of people have gotten successful with the Internet, but with lots of trial and error—heavy on the latter. When you need an expert for your online business, you really have to look hard for legit resources.

A pay-per-click (PPC) expert is no different. Just because people have studied PPC or made a few successful moves with it doesn’t mean they are experts. If PPC is driving you mad and you need help, that’s fine, but you need a real PPC expert to help you. As it’s been said, the real expert knows the ropes.

To be a real PPC expert, one has to understand Google PPC. It’s that simple. You can argue that Google is too monolithic or that you don’t like using its applications, but it is still the company that has spearheaded a lot of the Internet marketing procedures and created the most usable formats for today’s business professionals. A PPC expert can show you how to access Google PPC through the Google AdWords program, set up accounts, input your keywords, create ads, etc. Knowing “just a bit of this” or “having some experience” with Google PPC is not enough to qualify someone as an expert. A PPC expert can really utilize the Google programs to the max and show you how your profit generation can be raised equally.

A PPC expert is a PPC manager, too. The expert not only acts as a teacher, but as strategist, as well. The PPC manager knows how to use any and all PPC analytics services to track the results of online PPC campaigns. He or she understands how PPC optimization works and, more importantly, how PPC optimization tactics change with time. This requires PPC campaigns to be rebooted or redone from time to time in order to meet the needs of changing online business systems. The PPC manager, as part of being a PPC expert, is hip to this and can stick it out with you to the bitter end.

A word about paying PPC experts: they are a bit like landlords, contractors and cellular-phone salesmen. The good ones have the stats, time, and references to back up their business. They do not lock you into long-term contracts and charge you particular fees that they can outline for you in contract format. They have strategies, plans, methods, tactics and all the tricks of the trade at their disposal. In short, they are experts not only in name but in set-up as well. When we see bad apartments or shoddy contract work or people cursing their phone service, we get the idea that the people who sold them those products were only out for a quick buck. They weren’t experts but hacks. PPC experts are never hacks. They are pros all the time.

In the end, get the best PPC expert you can find. They know what they are doing more than you do. They can show you how to achieve. They can, well, just do the job, again and again.

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