Get back to basicsWe humans are perverse creatures we all seem to have a tendency to take the easiest most simple things and then try to make them difficult.

Creating a niche site isn’t difficult, Seo isn’t difficult , Keyword research isn’t difficult so why do we all (myself included) make things so difficult that we sometimes struggle to get it right?

What’s difficult about creating a site? Install WordPress with a few clicks of a button, add a simple theme , add some plugins that do things we need then add content. Voila that’s it… why the hell did I then spend 2 hours yesterday getting a header in the right place on a blog and reorganizing the sidebar?

Have a look at the quote below, can you guess when I wrote that? last month? last year when panda hit? Wrong I wrote that back in 2007

Taking things back to basics also means you can react to situations quicker, if Google tweaks their algorithm again. Also by keeping things simple you are doing what the search engines want you to do. Which do you think Google finds more appropriate a wordpress blog updated 3 or 4 times a week with unique content or a generated site with multiple pages of PLR content and random rss feeds added?

Let’s all make an effort to build a blog this week and keep it simple I mean really simple. Then see how it performs.

Keyword Research

Find 3 keywords that you think you can write about without much effort.

Forget finding a specific number of searches, thats irrelevant, what counts is how much you’ll make when someone clicks on an Adsense ad so take the number of searches and multiply it by the adsense CPC. If it comes to $3000 or more consider it. Look at the top 10 results in google, have they been updated recently? Do they look very professional? Do they have loads of social media interaction.

If the answer is no to all 3 then Use the keyword.

Create Your Site

Set up WordPress and Use the 2011 theme, put a recent posts widget in the sidebar and add no more than 6 plugins. Choose wisely!

Create Content

Write 3 articles based around your 3 keywords. Post them to your blog. Now set aside 30 minutes every day for the next month (5 days a week) to write one article per keyword. Don’t worry about article length just make sure you create good content.

Simplify SEO

We are going to keep this simple, no more than 15 minutes a day.

First off get your onsite seo as good as you can so one of those plugins should be an SEO plugin

When you write a post, link to it in Facebook, Google + Linkedin. Tweet about it, and do some blog commenting. Take one of the articles you posted on your blog the previous week and post it to an article directory BUT link it to a new article (not the same article).

Do the things you have forgotten about, Article Marketing , Yahoo answers, press releases, use forum signatures etc.

Read Store Coaches Insanely simple seo plan for ideas and adapt it to your situation

Without further ado (whatever that means), here’s my insanely simple SEO plan:

  • Post at least once a week in 2 different authority forums in your market
  • Post as a “researching shopper” in 2 forums per month
  • Answer at least 1 ‘Yahoo Answers’ question a week
  • Post 1 article a month on an authority article directory
  • Post 1 press release a month
  • Post once a week on your on-site blog
  • Post once a week on your off-site blog
  • Get at least 5 social network links per month
  • Get at least 2 “personal or hobby site” links per month
  • Get at least 1 guest article posted per month

Using this plan & this plan alone you should be able to get to the top of Google for your targeted keyword phrase

Once your keywords are researched and your site is built then you only need to focus on 2 things content creation and then SEO. Get up 30 minutes earlier and go to bed 30 minutes later and you have all the time you need. Take time when you are sat on a bus or train or drinking a coffee to jot down ideas for articles or indeed write the articles.

Keep it simple and I think you’ll be surprised at the results.

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