“Showing up is half the battle.” This well-known saying perfectly illustrates a common dilemma in digital marketing. The first half of the “battle,” or marketing efforts, is reeling in the consumers – getting them interested enough to click on your ads and links. The second half, then, is keeping them engaged on your site.

The conversion of clicks to customers is the result of strategic inbound marketing and the driving force behind ROI. When potential customers arrive at your site, they should see a landing page specific to the link they clicked on. This is a crucial customization aspect in engaging users, yet Marketing Sherpa reports that 44% of B2B businesses direct all clicks to their homepage.

Landing pages should be utilized as often as possible in replacement of generalized homepage direction because they are a crucial aspect in lead generation. Important tips on creating landing pages are outlined here:

  1. Aim for simplicity and clarity. It’s important not to overwhelm the user with too many details or distract from the objective – turning this click into a conversion. Instead of giving out all of your contact information, landing pages should have a few lines for the user to fill out, so you can keep track of and compile how customers are finding you.
  2. Keep in mind your target audience. This landing page will determine whether or not they convert into a new lead. The demographic you’re targeting should be someone who is likely to click on your Facebook social ad or email, for example, or who will search for a specific product you offer. Keep this top-of-mind when deciding what keywords to focus on.
  3. Provide value and purpose. On the page, design and content should be carefully considered. You want it to visually covey your brand, as well as succinctly explain the basics: your experience and why you’re the best choice for this product or service. By providing a relevant landing page and giving the user purpose – a call to action – you are able to collect information and track effectiveness.

An effective example is that of our ZOG Digital creative studios landing page. Separately, we have an overview page for the service on our site, as well as a general contact page, but we created a landing page melding the two together. This is critical in ensuring those users looking to contact us for a specific service gain knowledge and are able to easily connect. Below is an example of our landing page:

Landing pages work to educate and engage potential customers or clients. If you have – and correctly convey – what they are looking for, the conversion from click to sale should be a simple, seamless transition.

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