Did you know your Parents actually taught you how to Market Online

At home is where we really learn to understand stuff, sometimes even without knowing it. We thought all along that the things most parents instill on their children are not explicitly relevant in life, only to realize later on that everything they had said actually made sense.

What we hear from our parents lay the groundwork for coping with whatever lies ahead, may it be in careers, relationships, dealing with adulthood or living a purposeful life. When put in a proper context, these lessons become more valuable and even in the world on B2B online marketing, your Mom and Dad may have taught you a thing or two:

Do your homework!

Just as we are in the middle of enjoying our favorite dinnertime TV show, we would hear the inevitable “Do your homework!”scream from Mom, after which we would retire unwillingly into the detested refuge of our desk with scattered notebooks and pens. We would hate her for it (a passing emotion, surely) but we had never really grasped the essence of the mandate:

We need to devote extra hours, do research, and prepare for the next day.

Online marketers work their magic by producing high-quality content. You can only achieve that if you do your homework – determine what audiences need, what keeps them interested, what they consider in buying, and how they go about it.

Clean your room!

Most of the time, when our parents order us to clean our rooms, we think they’re trying to implant a sense of discipline and responsibility. True, but if you look at it, they also might be telling us that a clean environment promotes productivity. When we go looking for something or do some tasks, it becomes less difficult if our “workplace” is tidied and organized.

As online marketers, “cleaning your room” may pertain to putting everything in order, physically and abstractly, so that everyone in your team would clearly see the path where you’re supposed to be headed.

Say “Please” and “Thank you”

From asking someone to pass the salt to asking a favor from a friend, we were always reminded to say “please” and “thank you” so we won’t come off as impolite. As children, we thought of these as mere words at first, but eventually we had realized that it’s all about fostering relationships.

The online marketing world, no matter how vicious and competitive, is still governed by rules of human relationships. If you don’t learn how to say your “please”s and “thank you”s, people will refuse to be on your side, and you would have to drag your business up a steep hill.

This content originally appeared at Callbox Blog.