Ecommerce successIn today’s marketplace, businesses have to deal with many more consumer touch points than they did originally. Amazon made ecommerce stress-free and technologies like the iPhone have made mobility and the art of working on the move easy. Consumers are using do it yourself technologies to seek out opportunities to improve their own user experience.

So what can businesses do to keep up?

Whether in-store, online or via mobiles, businesses need to ensure consistency across all channels in order to achieve engagement throughout the entire customer experience.

Switching from disparate systems to one integrated business management system ensures that all staff have access to the same information at the same time, reducing manual data entry and inaccuracies. This can increase productivity while delivering real-time information to business users.

Having access to real-time information helps to reduce the guesswork as decisions can be made based on information that is up-to-date and relevant. This is also very important in terms of reporting as all the information is in one database and can be easily consolidated for improved reporting.

Users are able to access information on the move via mobile technology, giving them access to business critical data anytime, anywhere. Having greater visibility into business operations helps to free up users time, meaning they were able to spend more time on other activities.

The integration between your ecommerce store and your back office systems means that orders appear in the accounting system in real-time and items that are out of stock can be automatically removed from the website. This helps to improve stock management as data is updated in real-time, reducing the costs of carrying stock.

Trading online helps smaller businesses that might not have the money to back huge marketing campaigns break the international markets. Users can a variety of tools to expand globally without the huge costs associated with international expansion. For the businesses who are more specialised this is a huge advantage has marketing tools such as SEO help consumers to find the business themselves rather than the business trying to find and target them.

Offering a true multi-channel experience where all platforms are connected helps to drive more traffic and sales. Businesses are able to grow, increase sales and be more efficient in their processes without the huge.

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