Avoiding Dead LinksWhen we do business, we expect everything to work. We work hard to attain results that are both dignified and profitable. When our methods don’t work, we are unhappy.

This is a common case in online business. People, both new and old, wrack their brains to get the best information on how to attain the best possible results through online business. They do their reading and research on how online business can generates success, but then they see failings and get frustrated with the results and want to abandon their business workings altogether.

This never works. You just have to go to the basics of interlinking. More importantly, employing small maintenance procedures like fixing dead links can bring your business back to life online.

Fixing dead links is part of online business, and like owning a car, there is a bit of repair savvy that you need to know before you even get started. Like a car motor, sometimes life’s mechanisms go down and fail. You have to scramble to see what the problem is and work toward fixing it. With online business, having a dead link or two or three can do a wonderful job of killing online search engine optimization (SEO) and prevent your business from getting the necessary exposure online. When this happens, you have to be ready to do some fixing.

A quick going-over of your web site is necessary here. Look at your pages to see if the embedded links are functioning properly. You probably know about on-page techniques and how to use links within your own web site to attract connections with other online businesses. Here, this is most important. Other people cannot connect with you if your links are down, so going over all of them on all pages of your web site is necessary to continue the momentum of bringing others to your business in its online format.

If you notice a dead link, then it’s time for diagnostics. You have to go into the Meta tags of your online content and check to see if all the Meta tags are in working order. If a link is dead on your web site, it might just be a matter of a small error in the Meta tags causing the issue. You’ve put an extra space in a link ID tag or not included the complete Web link within the Meta tag. Whatever the case, be sure to inspect it all and make sure that all your Meta tags are done up correctly to ensure your links come back to life.

A quick note: don’t let Meta tags and the process of editing Meta tags scare you. When the Internet came along, there was a large contingent of the public going crazy, as they thought their work would be dismantled or impossibly revamped due to applications designed for the Internet. Lo and behold, they weren’t. The content stays the same—it’s just the medium that changes. Meta tags and interlinking are only one step above the kind of regular work you would do for any other business-content production.

Off-page techniques are also important. No doubt you have a system of interlinking online with link building occurring between you and other web sites, but are you sure that all the links are done correctly? With interlinking and link building, you are interested in making a complete network of linked businesses with the intention of building up more online business—the basic definition of off-page techniques in online business, by the way. If these links are not functioning, then you are preventing your business from drawing traffic and being optimized in SEO, keyword searches, etc. In this case, you have to check your network and maybe even your analytics to see that all the links in your interlinking network actually work. It takes a bit of detective work, but locating and fixing bad links away from your web site can improve your business’ performance online significantly.

Linking your business properly takes a bit more care than other business procedures, but if you think of the job like a jeweler would, you want to find the exact issue causing problems in your links and fix it. Fixing a dead link can mean the life or death of a business online.

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