The Problem:

Marketing has changed rapidly in the last few years, and it continues to take massive strides in utilising new technology. From smart phones and social media, to a plethora of apps that can do just about anything. There is so much available and it’s tough trying to keep up with the intimidating waves of information that we’re being inundated with.

To make matters worse, marketers are continually finding new ways to engage with their potential customers, and generate leads. As a result, keeping up with new trends and strategies is now harder than ever.

How it affects you:

More and more businesses are finding new ways to market themselves in an attempt to be a cut above the rest. If you don’t try to keep a competitive edge, you will fall behind in generating more traffic to your site, ultimately meaning fewer new leads and fewer customers. But don’t worry – we’re on your side!

The Solution:

Be aware of what’s changing. But it’s one thing to know that things are changing, and an entirely different thing to engage with the changes and figure out how to use them to your advantage. There’s no reason that you can’t be the one that comes up with an innovative, new way to use the awesome technology that’s available. You just have to know what’s out there.

To do this you can try to keep up with industry content and statistics. You can then use that knowledge within your business. But first make sure that you understand whether the information applies to you, and whether you’ll be able to implement it. For example, you can know that Facebook is by far the most used social media platform in the world, but it’ll be useless to you if you don’t know how to use it to interact with your audience, or how to offer engaging content.

One key marketing trend you can keep up with is to figure out what you can do to offer some form of value to your potential customers. Give them a reason to visit your site, and make sure it is worth their time. By adding some form of value to your webpage – and by extension, your products – you’ll keep them coming back.

Maybe you have a clear way on your site for people to navigate through to further information, or an opt-in form for them to book an appointment, on the spot. If your site is engaging or useful enough for a browser to use it more than once, they’ll begin to assign their own value to it. And boom! Now you have their contact information, and you can target them directly to nurture your lead!


A lot of companies are now implementing blogs on their websites, offering tips and advice for their area of expertise (much like the one you’re reading right now). Maintaining a consistent blog and giving useful information is a surefire way to build a following. And once you’ve built a following, you have the opportunity to build a meaningful relationship with your audience.

After familiarizing yourself with what’s available and suitable for your business, you can try being creative with them. Newer platforms like Instagram offer a visual appeal, and everybody likes looking at pictures.

Even if you don’t sell physical products, you can still showcase your business using images. Displaying behind-the-scenes content can help to boost your brand’s profile by portraying your business as real and relatable. You can also try sneak-peeks or exclusive content to encourage people to follow you. A very popular trend right now is to upload funny pictures or quotes, so that could also be worthwhile to try out.

Remember that it’s all a matter of trying out new techniques and strategies. Perhaps something that works well for one company mightn’t work well for you. But you should definitely experiment. There’s no harm in testing something out, even if it ends up being a big flop. Then at least you’ll know where you went wrong, and you can try again or move on to something else.

Technology is constantly changing. It’s necessary for you to continuously update your knowledge, and to play around with new strategies. By learning and understanding what marketing possibilities are available to you and how you can use it for your business, but it will provide you with the inspiration you need to stay one step ahead of your competitors!