Are you confused between Jungle Scout and Viral Launch? Well, you’re at the right place to clear your confusion.

Jungle Scout and Viral Launch are two unique tools specially made for Amazon sellers. These tools provide everything that you require to scale your FBA business. From product research to PPC Automation, both of these tools are fully equipped with features.

If you’re facing difficulties in choosing one between the two, then read this comparison to the end to find out which tool is the best. The comparison of Jungle Scout and Viral Launch is based on their features, pricing, ease of use, customer support, and resources.

Let’s get into details.

Quick Summary of Viral Launch Vs. Jungle Scout

Don’t have a lot of time to go through the entire post, then here’s how you can make your choice.

Jungle Scout is best for:

  • If you want to invest less money and just want the essential features to run your FBA business, then Jungle Scout is the best choice among the two.
  • Jungle Scout is the best option for Amazon sellers who are just starting.
  • If you want an easy-to-use product research tool with a smooth user interface, then Jungle Scout is the right choice.

Viral Launch is best for:

  • If you’re a professional Amazon seller and want access to advanced features to sell on Amazon, then Viral Launch is the best option for you.
  • Viral Launch is best in finding the winning products and launching them without any hassle, making it a viable choice.

Jungle Scout Vs. Viral Launch: The Key Takeaways

Let’s take a look at the key takeaways of Jungle Scout and Viral Launch:

  • Viral Launch excels Jungle Scout when it comes to data mining.

Jungle Scout and Viral Launch both offers tool for data mining. It helps you in finding the winning products for your FBA business.

If you want better metrics of products, then Viral Launch is the best tool because it provides you with data metrics and micro metrics. You will get an average rating of products, best seller rank (BSR), and unit margin.

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Jungle Scout also gives you reliable data metrics. It excels in Viral Launch when it comes to accuracy.

But all in all, Viral Launch gives you more data metrics to rely on.

  • Jungle Scout Chrome extension is much more beginner-friendly.

Both of these tools offer Chrome extension to do the research on the go, but Jungle Scout has a very smooth interface.

Jungle Scout Chrome extension allows you to browse and research for profitable products without going to the dashboard. You will get all the reliable metrics such as opportunity scores, listing quality, BSR ranks, and historical sales.

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Viral Launch Chrome extension also provides all the needed information of products, but it is much more complex to use than Jungle Scout.

  • Jungle Scout has more flexibility in pricing plans than Viral Launch.

If you’re choosing the base plan of Viral Launch, then you will need to pay $69/month, whereas Jungle Scout only charges $49/month.

In the base plan of Jungle Scout, you will get all the essential features that you will need to get started with the FBA business. The base plan of Viral Launch does not offer all the required features for you to begin your FBA journey.

Which Tool Has The Better Data Accuracy?

The whole FBA business relies on the data, and if the data is not accurate, then sellers can’t find the best products for their business. Let’s take a look at the data accuracy of Jungle Scout and Viral Launch.

Data Accuracy of Jungle Scout

The experts of this industry-tested many Amazon seller tools to find out which tool is the more accurate among all of them. The result of that research showed that Jung is the most accurate tool, with an accuracy of 84.1%. The data accuracy graph is shown below in the screenshot.


The team of Jungle Scout focuses only on providing actionable and accurate data metrics to their users. They keep on updating their resource database so that you don’t encounter any issues. But still, the margin for error in data accuracy of this tool is 15.9%, and they need to work on it as well.

Data Accuracy of Viral Launch

The above screenshot of the data accuracy graph shows that Viral Launch is the second-best accurate tool in the industry. It has a data accuracy of 79.3%, which is a lot better than most of the tools. You will get all the reliable data metrics, but the data can not be accurate all the time because the margin of error is still 20.7%.

Verdict: The difference in data accuracy between Jungle Scout and Viral Launch is about 4.8% making the Jungle Scout much more reliable tool than Viral Launch.

Ease of Use & UI Comparison

If a tool is complex to use then, it will be impossible for sellers to find & launch products. So let’s compare the ease of use and user interface of Jungle Scout and Viral Launch.

Ease of Use & UI of Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout’s user interface is straightforward to navigate. All the tools are streamlined in the dashboard and easy to access. Let’s use its product database tool to find out how it works.

On the Product database tool, you need to enter a keyword to find related products. It has some unique filters that allow you to filter out the products you want to find. You can use category, seller type, county filters to find out specific products.

After a search result, you will see a massive list of products related to that keyword. It will also show you monthly revenue, monthly sales, rank, price, and reviews of those products.

When you click on a product, it will show you a seasonal chart of the product in a graph. The graph shows you how it has been performing in past and present.

From the product database, you can directly add products to the product tracker tool of Jungle Scout. In the product tracker, you can track the performance of all the products at once. In the metrics, it will show you the units sold to date.

All in all, Jungle Scout gives you a smooth user experience and allows you to understand it more perfectly than any other tool.

Ease of Use & UI of Viral Launch

Viral Launch has a very smooth interface that gives you the best user experience. To explain how Viral Launch’s interface works, I will show you how you can use the Product Discovery tool.

You can access the product discovery tool directly from the dashboard of Viral Launch. It has a very similar interface to the Black Box tool of Helium 10. Whenever you enter a keyword in the search box, it shows you all the related products with data metrics such as price changes, initial investment costs, and review changes.

If you click on a product, then it will show you detailed metrics of that product. These data metrics are monthly sales, BSR ranks, price, reviews, and sellers. It does not show you graphical data of the product’s performance, such as Jungle Scout. If you deep dive into any products, you can also see product idea scores, market trends, and seasonality.

Verdict: If you want a basic, streamlined dashboard that is really easy to understand and operate, then Jungle Scout is the one. But Viral Launch gives you access to more advanced features that you will require in the later stages of the business.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Comparison of Features

Both of these tools offer robust features. Let’s take a look at all Jungle Scout and Viral Launch features.

Verdict: For more advanced features, you will need Viral Launch. But if you just want the essential features to get started with the FBA business, then Jungle Scout is a viable choice.

If you want more selling-focused tools, then Jungle Scout offers plenty of tools. You can sell quickly on Amazon. Jungle Scout also provides you with all the educational resources that you will need to learn about this business. It has Jungle Scout Academy, where you can find these resources and learn how you can use this tool without any hassle.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Pricing Plans Comparison

Let’s take a look at the pricing plans of Jungle Scout and Viral Launch.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Jungle Scout offers three pricing plans to their users, and there is no free trial available for those plans. Check out the pricing and features of these plans:

1. Basic Plan:

  • $49/mo or $29/mo annually
  • Single User License
  • Access To Browser Extension for Chrome and Firefox
  • Basic Product Research
  • Opportunity Score
  • 20 Products in Product Tracker
  • 500 estimates/mo of Amazon Sales Estimator
  • Three searches/day of Opportunity Finder
  • Three searches/day product database
  • Three searches/day keyword scout
  • Three searches/day supplier database
  • AccuSales Estimates
  • 10 Marketplaces
  • Manual Review Requests
  • Sales Analytics
  • 100/mo Listing Grader

2. Suite Plan:

  • $69/mo or $49/mo annually
  • Basic Plan Features Included
  • 1 User & option to add more users at $49/mo
  • 150 products in Product Tracker
  • 1000 estimates/mo Amazon Sales Estimator
  • Unlimited Opportunity Finder
  • Unlimited Searches on Product Database
  • Unlimited Searches on Keyword Scout
  • Unlimited Searches on Supplier Database
  • Review Automation
  • 3500 Keywords In Keyword Tracker
  • 200/mo Listing Grader
  • Listing Builder

3. Professional Plan:

  • $129/mo or $84/mo annually
  • Suite Plan Features Included
  • 6 Users and add users at the additional cost of $49/year
  • 1000 products in Product Tracker
  • 1500 Estimates/mo Amazon Sales Estimator
  • Historical Keyword Data Of 2 Years
  • 5000 Keywords in Keywords Tracker
  • 500/mo Listing Grader
  • Inventory Manager
  • Alerts
  • Promotions
  • Supplier Tracker
  • Priority Onboarding

Viral Launch Pricing Plans

Viral Launch also offers three different plans for its users. Let’s take a look at all of them.

1. Essentials Plan:

  • $69/mo or $58/mo annually
  • New Product Ideas
  • Find Profitable Products
  • Analyze Sales Metrics & Trend Data
  • Monthly Search Volume

2. Pro Plan:

  • $99/mo or $83/mo annually
  • Essentials Plan Features Included
  • 350 Products In Product Tracker
  • Analyze 50 ASIN Listings
  • 2000 Keywords/day in Keyword Tracker
  • 30 keywords/hour in Keyword Tracker
  • SEO & Listing Optimization
  • Monitor Competitor Strategies
  • Track Rank Changes

3. Pro Plus Ads Plan:

  • $199/mo or $166/mo annually
  • Pro Plan Features Included
  • 1000 Products In Product Tracker
  • Analyze 100 ASIN Listings
  • 5000 keywords/day in Keyword Tracker
  • 100 Keywords/hour in Keyword Tracker
  • Create & Monitor Amazon ads
  • Fully Automate your PPC strategy
  • Unlock in-depth PPC data

Verdict: The pricing of Viral Launch is a bit expensive than Jungle Scout, but it offers more advanced features than Jungle Scout. So it’s totally up to you to choose.

Final Verdict: Which Tool Should You Choose?

I’ve compared both of these tools based on their features, pricing, ease of use, and data accuracy and the result of that comparison shows that it all comes down to your requirements.

If you are just beginning your journey in this industry, you will need a tool like Jungle Scout, which can help you pave the road for yourself. But if you have already established a business and want to scale it to another level, you will need Viral Launch’s tools. It offers more advanced features than Jungle Scout.

I hope this comparison clears your confusion and you can make your decision now. If you still have any doubts, then you can drop a comment in the comment section below.


Which Tool Is better, Jungle Scout or Viral Launch?

Both of these tools are specially designed to fulfill the requirements of Amazon sellers. Viral Launch gives you more robust features than Jungle Scout, but Jungle Scout is far better when it comes to pricing, data accuracy, and resources.

Do Jungle Scout and Viral Launch offer any free trial?

There is no free trial available on Jungle Scout, but it offers a 7-day risk-free money-back guarantee. You can use the features of Viral Launch for 14 days with the free trial.

Which Tool is more accurate among Jungle Scout, Helium 10, and Viral Launch?

When it comes to data accuracy, Jungle Scout excels in both Helium 10 and Viral Launch with the highest data accuracy percentage, which is 84.1%.