You need to organize your Website so that it will be easy for your customers to accomplish their goals. Don’t confuse them by organizing it by what you’d like rather than what your visitors and customers need and the information that they’ll be looking for.

Look at your Website just like you would your brick-and-mortar building, such as good location, storefront and interior. To ensure you reach your customers and prospects, you need a Website that has curb appeal and is easy to navigate. Maximize your layout. Customers only give you a few seconds to find what they want or they’ll leave and not return.

Your Website copy also must have powerful words that convince your potential customers to keep reading it and gain their trust. Features don’t sell, benefits do. Solve your customers’ dilemmas. Address their problems, interests, values and how they like to receive service. And, take action. A call to action is a crucial marketing strategy. Don’t let any reader go past any information on your site without being exposed to a call to action phrase. You need it to motivate a customer to convert them into buying your product or service.

Also, be smart about your Web design and navigation. Consider the pros and cons of elements such as frames, a big splash page or a shiny flash video. These represent a design aesthetic that is no longer appreciated; many times they simply annoy your customers. And even worse, using these features makes it harder for search engines to index your site, rank your Website and hinder your search engine optimization (SEO) abilities.