It seems that every time new data is released we learn that more people are shopping online and spending even more money. With the internet an increasingly important tool for people from all walks of life to research products, services and companies, establishing an online presence and marketing strategy is vital.

However, turning all your focus to your online marketing efforts may be a bad idea. Consider the following arguments in favor of keeping up offline marketing.

Establish your Brand Early 

A problem with focusing on Google search rankings is that this leaves building awareness of your brand to take place when your potential customer is looking to buy. Offline marketing can help to make the public aware of your company ahead of time, so when they are looking for a product they already know that you can help.

It is much easier to attract customers if they search for your company specifically rather than just for a product you supply. Offline marketing plays an important role in making potential future customers think of your company when they decide to make a purchase. With effective branding, you are synonymous with the product or service you provide.

Catch Passing Traffic

A physical storefront with some eye-catching banners from Vispronet can draw customers to your store, making them aware of what you have to offer and increasing your sales. In addition, a well-marketed physical store makes your company appear successful and trustworthy, so when your brand is encountered online, the public has a more favorable view of your company and what you offer. Take advantage of all your opportunities to draw in customers and increase awareness of your brand.

Expand your Market

Focusing on the growth figures for online shopping ignores a very important fact. Online sales make up only a small percentage of overall business to consumer sales. In fact, it is just 8% of the US market share. Even the more popular areas like fashion have an important offline component – while 72% of women look for clothes online, that still leaves 28% who do not.

Ignoring this sector of the market with your advertising and publicity just loses you sales. It is important to consider the demographics that your business targets and how likely they are to be exposed to and influenced by different marketing strategies.

Online marketing strategies are certainly an important part of doing business today, and should be given attention. However, it is important not to get too caught up in the hype and buzz.

Offline marketing is also important, especially for those businesses with certain customer demographics. Over all, an integrated online and offline marketing strategy is better for your business than focusing on online marketing alone.