I have a friend with an interesting job.  But whenever someone asks what she does for a living, her profession hijacks the conversation and she finds that all she does is talk about work.  Her solution: She tells people she’s a toll booth operator.  No more work talk.

My friend could just as easily swap, “I specialize in email deliverability and database privacy” for “I work in a toll booth” and enjoy the same non-starter perks.  After all, those topics can be fairly wonky stuff – even for those in B2B marketing.

But remember: Eloqua’s 6th rule of content marketing is: If wonky, lean into it.  And that’s what we did with the Grande Guide to Deliverability & Privacy.  It’s a veritable key to two of the most tightly sealed “black boxes” in marketing: (1) how to make sure your email gets delivered, and (2) what  you need to do to safeguard the privacy of your subscribers.  Like all truly valuable content, the Guide is vendor and technology agnostic.  In fact, much of the content was contributed by Return Path, which is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable and respected companies in the “deliverability” space.  In other words, the Guide not only contains diverse perspectives, but it also includes the thinking of the very best in the business.

Expertise matters, especially when it comes to topics like deliverability – subjects that, frankly, can be pretty confusing.  Some companies have used that uncertainty to their advantage (we poke a little fun at this practice in the original cartoon below).

But armed with our latest Grande Guide, we’re confident marketers will be able to make more informed decisions (and choices that help improve revenue performance) when it comes to executing deliverability- and privacy-related strategies.  This Guide was written to help, and helping others is the central theme of our content marketing efforts.  It’s one of the main reasons why we are the most award-winning content marketers in our entire industry.

Download the Grande Guide to Deliverability & Privacy here.  And next time the person next to you at a dinner party claims to be a deliverability expert, call their bluff!