Bring in More Website Traffic with 4 Tools

Increase Your Website Traffic with These Four Tools

Today I have some content marketing resources to help you improve your website traffic.

Attracting more high-level traffic online can be a challenge, and costly if you depend on Google AdWords, but there is a way to reach your audience with the right tools in place. Would you like to attract and retain more visitors? Take advantage of these content resources, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Go beyond traditional email marketing – Drip

Find out exactly where your website visitors are interacting and why. Drip allows you to reach your potential buyers before you have lost them for good with automated messages and customized emails. Create beautiful designs that will help you reach more people and increase your bottom line. Gain valuable information such as activity on your website, purchase behavior, email behavior, and more.

2) Increase subscribers through social media – Social Warfare

Encourage social sharing of your blog posts while driving more traffic. Social Warfare is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add eye-catching buttons to your website that make it easy to promote your content. Not only will this give your social media profiles a boost, but can help improve your subscriber rates as well. Download for free or try their pro versions for more options and networks.

3) Get hundreds of keyword suggestions – Keyword Tool

Gain more insights on your niche’s topics with Google keyword suggestions. Keyword Tool is a free resource that provides keywords for not only Google, but also for YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, and the App Store. Learn exactly what your audience is looking for in order to produce the best content for your audience.

4) Recover and improve your website ranking – SEO Tools

Do you need to dramatically increase your website’s traffic? SEO Tools allows you to monitor your visitors, and create a digital marketing strategy used by the pros. Get backlink analysis, audit your content, and gain insights on the competition. This smart tool will help you better understand why your website is not ranking where it should be, and helps you to avoid the latest Google penalties.

Hopefully you will find these content marketing tools useful to your website traffic building strategy. Are there any that you would like to add as well?

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