in-text ads A reasonable business owner, especially if focused on long-run success, can’t but acknowledge the urgent need of constant expansion marketing channels, even if several of them prove to be effective enough. The reasons are simple: 1) there can never be earned enough money (and please, don’t trust any entrepreneur, who tells you profit means nothing); 2) if you see an opportunity, you don’t miss the opportunity.

Back to online marketing and advertising industries: one of the interesting trends, which have lately converted into somewhat a global hit, is associated with the notion of in-text advertisements. These, actually, represent the type of marketing channels, which work as the additional method your website monetization that can’t be omitted by any means.

If compared to other types, in-text ads are generally claimed to have an array of advantages, including the following ones:

1) An in-text ad isn’t annoying

Well, you can always find people, who feel annoyed by inserted in-text advertisements in the viewed content piece, but, as the research reveals, these are generally considered less irritating and don’t take a toll on an average site visitor’s reading experience.

2) An in-text ad is fast to integrate and make money from

Unlike the more complex ad campaigns, in-text ads are recognized to be a fast and, at the same time, efficient way to monetize your webpage audience. It only takes a few steps to integrate them into your site code and start earning. Even though the amount of money, made via this marketing channel, isn’t usually sufficient, it’s stability, which makes in-text ads worthy of opting for.

3) An in-text is incredibly relevant

Thanks to their being added to the site’s content, in-text ads turn out to be much more relevant for a reader, than a pop-up banner, for example. On the contrary, they rather supplement the published content piece, than distract one’s attention from important information.

However, any in-text ad loses its benefits, if the published content has low quality, but it’s the whole other story to tell.

4) In-text ads are popular

A lot of advertisers find the concept of in-text ads rather attractive these days. Additionally, most ad serving platforms, including the more affordable solutions, like Epom, for example, enable you to run and manage in-text ad campaigns easily. According to the company’s CEO Anton Ruin, these are, obviously, advantageous to try, in case a publisher is looking for various ways to monetize traffic and maximize profit.

In a whole, even if you still feel doubtful about in-text advertising perspectives, give it shot. After all, you’ll always have an opportunity to quit.