When you create a new paid search campaign you need to build it with the click-through-rate (CTR) in mind. There is so much competition in paid search, so you need to make sure that your campaign is properly optimized to receive a high quality score in order to get the lowest possible cost-per-click and highest position, but when it comes down to it your click-through-rate will make or break your campaign. You could have low CPC’s and high ad positions but none of that matters if your targeted users are not clicking on your ads.

How to Improve Your Paid Search Click-Through-Rates

Give something away for FREE

You will draw more attention to your ads with the word “FREE” in there, and it can also be a great way to not only achieve a higher click-through-rate, but also result in more leads and conversions once the visitor hits your page.

Avoid prices in your ads

Part of a successful pay-per-click campaign is a high quality score. If your ads do not get clicked on then it will result in a lower score. Prices in ads get fewer clicks, although many business owners think that it will attract more serious buyers.

Use your main URL in the display URL

If you are pointing traffic to a specific URL it is always a good idea to use your main URL in the display field. This isn’t the URL that the person will click through to, it is just what is displayed. Consumers will click on it without the clutter. Example: if you are sending the visitor to www.example.com/this-is-my-destination-page then for the display URL you would want it to show up as www.example.com as it will pull a higher CTR.

Not only are trademark symbols required for legal reasons, but they also help your ads pull a much higher click-through-rate when used. Consumers automatically register “trust” with these. Incorporate these when possible and watch your CTR’s shoot through the roof.

Replace “and” with “&”

Space in PPC ads is very valuable, so make sure to be smart and save space when you can. Sometimes you need to get creative in order to fit your message in the small space provided, so make sure to take advantage of little tips like this to give your self some extra character space.

Do not use exclamation points

Most advertisers will not approve your ads if they contain excessive exclamation points. They can also make your ad appear to be pushy and turn people away, resulting in a very low click-through-rate. Remember, a low CTR contributes to a low quality score. Little tips like this can help you maintain a higher CTR and quality score so make sure to implement them when possible.

Fill up your space and avoid short ads

Character space in PPC ads is very valuable real estate so make sure that you take advantage of it and use up all of the space. Even if your message only requires a few words to get the point across make sure to use all of the space. Longer ads command more attention, resulting in a higher click-through-rate.

Don’t use pushy call-to-action’s

If you are using Google’s AdWords PPC platform then you will see that they don’t like terms such as “buy now” or “act now” and other pushy CTA’s. There are ways to get consumers to click on your ads without sounding too pushy. Use phrases that offer tips, quotes, information, etc. Invite them to get more information and learn more without coming across as if you are trying to force feed it to them.

Use your brand name

Ads associated with a brand perform better than generic ads. Branding your ads gets the consumers familiar with your company before they even click over. This helps to build trust from the beginning, as they know who they are dealing with from the beginning.

Paid search marketing can be a very profitable piece of your online marketing strategy. It takes a lot of testing and optimizing, but using the tips outlined above will help you start your ad creation on the right foot. Continue to try different ad copy and destination pages until you achieve a nice healthy ROI via pay-per-click advertising.