Stream-Blog_Graphics_DisplayAds_12-10While surfing the internet, hundreds of online display ads pop up, but how many of these ads actually make you want to click and buy what’s being promoted? How many subject lines on the emails in your promotions folder make you want to open their message and buy what they’re selling?

It’s important to know that, although online display ads have been around for roughly two decades, the strategy behind them has evolved significantly to serve their main purpose: sell, sell, sell.

Nowadays, it’s not so much about having these online display ads placed all over the internet, but more importantly where and how to place them so they’re positioned in front of the right audience. Let’s look at a few key aspects that can help your strategy of improving your online display ads.

Let’s face it: People want a deal when it comes to purchasing something, whether it’s on the internet or in a store. It’s important to speak highly about whatever deal you’re selling or, if you aren’t advertising a deal, to highlight your product’s best quality. For example, let’s say that we’re advertising a great deal on a vehicle for a dealership. How would we advertise it and what would be the perfect message?

If we advertised something along the lines of “Click here for a great deal on your next car purchase,” would people actually want to click? Be careful about being too vague; let the consumer know exactly what the sale is and deliver it in an exciting manner: “$500 OFF Your Next New Car Purchase!”

Now that’s a deal!

Choose the Right Real Estate for Your Ads

During the early days of online advertising, only displays ads were being squeezed wherever possible, like a pack of sardines. The thought process behind this strategy was that more ads equal more dollars.

But we’ve learned from our mistakes and realized this wasn’t the case. Over time, the industry learned that more ads per page meant net surfers were less likely to click because it was just downright overwhelming.

Good advertising is meant to tell a story, and it can’t be told in a sea of distractions. When positioning your online display ads, consider that a less cluttered page will see better results.

Target the Right Audience

Delivery for your online display ads is everything. If you can’t reach your ideal consumer, there’s a good chance your ads won’t be effective.

Years ago, the idea of where to place online display ads was a little more complicated because we weren’t equipped with the technology that we have today, such as comScore.

Studying your audience and the sites they visit is important when it comes to placing your online display ads on the internet. Make sure that you place your ads on sites that are relevant to what you’re promoting or selling.

Using the earlier car example, if you’re considering where to place some online display ads for a dealership, it’s a good idea to start with the dealership’s social media pages plus other local car-related sites.