I’m Doing Search Advertising, Now What? 4 Tips for Success Beyond PPC

Some advertisers think search advertising is all they need to be successful, a belief that stems from its fast, demonstrable results. Running a PPC campaign can yield great results alone, but diversifying your marketing strategy can enhance its performance overall. A comprehensive strategy includes a blend of components across several different tactics that target consumers at various stages in tandem to drive a higher ROI.

Get the most out of your digital marketing by incorporating these four strategies into your marketing portfolio.

Level Up Your Website with SEO

A highly polished website is an advertiser’s most valuable asset, but it also requires regular maintenance to stay relevant. At the very minimum, customers expect up-to-date business hours, service offerings, pricing, and promotions, but adding content regularly and updating your website’s interface can take your website to the next level. While paid advertising may be a company’s primary focus since it gives the instant gratification of fast ROI, it’s important not to underestimate the value of organic searches and a truly optimized website.

SEO helps improve website visibility, usability, and quality, which in time improves organic rankings and helps boost offline conversions. Additionally, improved user experience and SEO optimization will help your paid search campaign’s performance as well.

Boost Brand Awareness with Display Advertising

Display advertising drives brand recognition through a broader approach to advertising, where the goal is to put your brand and message in front of as many eyes as possible. Business owners don’t have to cast a wide net while hoping for the best — you can refine your strategy to target users who may be interested in your product or service by using behavioral, contextual, and geographical filters.

Display advertising complements search advertising by leading to increased traffic and latent conversions, which can improve a search campaign’s performance.

Retarget Interested Consumers

We know that consumers prefer ads catered to their interests, but did you know that retargeted users are 70% more likely to convert? Site and search retargeting, forms of display advertising, put your ad in front of consumers who have previously interacted with your ad or website. Not only does this ensure your brand stays in front of interested consumers, but it can help promote brand loyalty by targeting previous customers. This strategy is especially effective for products and services with long lead times or for businesses who run frequent sales or recurring services.

Tap Into Social Media with Facebook Ads

Facebook has positioned itself as a large-scale public influencer, cementing its role in advertising as a core component of a complete marketing solution. Flexibility is its major benefit; the network can seamlessly tackle both organic and paid advertising on one platform.

According to one study, the average user spends about 35 minutes per day browsing Facebook, and that number will only increase as the number of active users grows. Additionally, more and more users are turning to Facebook pages for quick information over websites.

The collaborative nature of social media makes Facebook a great tool for a whole suite of marketing strategies, such brand awareness, driving conversions, lead generation, and retargeting. CPCs may even be lower — even across the most expensive verticals — making Facebook ads a cost-effective addition to an expansive marketing portfolio.