08.07 It often seems these days, that a lot sci-fi movies, dating back to 1960s or 1970s, have come true, giving the incredible paste of global technological process. In this respect, what used to be a total miracle, e.g. the notions of space deep exploration and (ta-daam!) space tourism, can now be named the new reality. Here, the latest “Curiosity” project is only one of the prerequisites to the whole new era of people’s possible and very probable future.

Consequently, the encouraging perspectives of what might space open to all of us in the nearest years, evoke the boost of “space” trends in all industries. As for online commerce market, it has, naturally, shown incredible responsiveness to the new hot tendency. Namely, one of the largest payment systems PayPal, for instance, claims the foreseen launch of its Galactic solution, obviously aimed at dealing with monetary issues outside the Earth. Believe it or not, but the research has started, and its authors are pretty optimistic about the outcomes.

However, most analysts are confident, that the future of “space” commerce is likewise real as vague, at least for now. Whereas the forecasts can and should definitely be made, it’s yet hard to tell how the things will evolve. What the analysts remain confident of, at the same time, is the necessity to stay open-minded with the major focus on the popular trends, which are already ruling in the e-commerce world.

These, in particular, include mobile and video ad sectors in online retail, both leading to stunning results in audience reach, in case the campaigns are planned properly, kept under constant control and managed/optimized, according to interjacent accomplishments. As Anton Ruin, CEO of Epom ad serving company states: “It’s easy to lose perspective in the present, in case you’re only looking for reaching new heights. It’s crucial to acknowledge that progress is only possible, if you’re sure of the product quality you’re already offering to clients.”

All things considered, like it or not, but our future looks unbelievably exciting, as well as the future of online retail and its specific sectors. It’s up to every business to decide, whether to be conservative, or flexible – either way, the changes are inevitable, and many of those, in spite of skeptics say, have all chances to be happening in space.