Brands, retailers and marketers can use location-based check-ins in a variety of ways.  As you begin to plan out how to incorporate location-based check-ins into your marketing mix, it’s important to think about what the key objectives and goals are.  Specifically, how do you want to use location-based check-ins?  Depending on your goals, the playbook for leveraging check-ins will be different.

Increase Repeat Customers

Is the most important thing for your business to drive repeat customers?  Incorporating check-ins into your loyalty programs is a great way to engage your savvy customers and reward them for visiting and “checking in.”  Additionally, incorporating location-based check-in data with your messaging campaigns can enable you to increase your conversion rate on your offers.

Attract New Customers

Do you want to leverage your customer-base to help you get the word out about your brand? If this is the case, you’ll want to drive check-ins any way possible.  Additionally, you may want to focus your efforts on getting influential people with thousands of connections to check-in at your store.

Drive Sales During Slow Times

Is your business doing well during the weekend, but you need to fill seats during the week? Leveraging location-based check-ins can enable you to identify customers do in fact dine out or visit retail stores during the week.

Learn About Your Customers

Want to leverage location-based check-ins to learn more about your customers?  Want to identify which customers eat out twice a month or ten times a month? Wonder which of your customers are members of a fitness gym?  Location-based check-ins can help you understand what your customers actually do outside of your walls.

What are other strategic goals with location-based marketing?  How else can you leverage location-based data and check-ins?  Let us know your thoughts below!