I read an article recently that reported that search terms of 8+ words were on the increase. The detail of the report identified that in a 12 month period, Feb 08 to Feb 09, the use of keywords 8 + words long increased by 20%.

Reasons for the rise were attributed to ‘more sophisticated’ web users wanting to cut through the search clutter.

Let’s face it – the way search works now is 100% focused on keywords – and implementing a full SEO strategy (by full I mean offsite and onsite) around those keywords. Websites that get to high places in Google may earn themselves a significant amount of traffic – but does being great at SEO mean that the service of the site that’s at number one is respected and credible?

Whilst there’s a lot of ‘mystery’ how Google generate their ‘quality score’ word on the street is that it’s effectively driven by traffic, credible links, effective keywords – effectively having a tight SEO strategy.

I’ve been looking for a range of services lately and of course took to Google as any typical user does. What is evident is that those sites that get to the top for their keywords don’t necessarily have user friendly sites, credible offerings and reviews and testimonials to plough through for peace of mind.

A site which is keyword stuffed, text heavy with clunky navigation and no real marketing message cohesion – doesn’t do it for the end user.

I’d like to see search evolve somewhat to ensure that those businesses that provide ‘a quality, great value, speedy service’ be rewarded with the ability to be ‘found’. Think of Ebay and how their scoring system works. Each ‘seller’ has a quality score for all to see – so that users can see any apparent ‘issues’ – and have peace of mind when doing business with one another.

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses – not all of them offering great service. I’d like to see search evolve in some way to help me cut through the ‘clutter’ – and find quality service – rather than those that make page 1 that are all SEO but not much else!