Have you ever faced a situation when you encounter a negative comment? Well, If you have then no need to panic because we all have gone through it at some point of life. This is the internet era and people now don’t hide anything they just get online and say whatever they feel like. It has both good and bad effects.

But as you are the business owner, negative feedback can feel like someone just punched hard right into your face. Now there are only two options left, you either ignore it and show as if nothing happened or you decide to face it and cure it. Both the options have different consequences, if you choose the prior one, you are literally going to ruin your image and if you’re ready to choose the later option, there are chances that you build a better relationship with your customers.

Customers are the key to any successful business and if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to make your customers your priority. In order to run a successful business, you need to touch the right chords by building a healthy relationship with your customers and for that; you need to add the personal effect. According to a study, 80% of the consumers are more likely to buy from the companies which provide a personalized experience.

If you take a corrective action for the negative reviews and show the human side of your business by trying to solve it, you win a customer’s trust and that is exactly how you move forward.

In this article, I will share about how to process and turn up the negative reviews into real marketing wins. I know, negative reviews don’t sound positive in any way but hey this is how you can add get some positive results. So, let’s get started!

1. Let Your Customers Speak

You can’t solve a problem unless you observe it. A negative review can help you and your business in many ways for example, when someone tells you that there is an issue with your product, you get a chance to repair it and that helps your brand improve itself and win the customer’s trust.

But before you do the fixing thing, you need to let your customers say or give a review. Don’t worry about how will it affect your image because even the perfect things have flaws. And once you value the customer’s reviews, you also value them. Let them speak and understand how can you fix things.

2. Make it Quick

Trust me, never ever let your customers wait. Once you have acknowledged the issue, it’s the exact time for you to show up. You can just hide behind something and behave like nothing happened because it is going to take your brand nowhere. Make a quick response and let them know that you care. Be it social media platforms or your own feedback page, just show up. Your customer might be in a bad mood at that moment but you know that you can fix that with your solution, isn’t it?

3. Put Yourself in their Shoes

Now that you’ve already encountered a negative review, you need to understand the problem by yourself. Try to be at their position, experience the glitch yourself and then come up with what the real issue is. This will just not help you to understand the problem in a better way but will also help you in finding the solution. Furthermore, you can also try to save customers from facing the same issue by understanding it yourself.

4. Come up with the Right Solution

As you are the business owner, you are solely responsible for whatever happens under your roof and so it is your responsibility to make your customers believe that they are your priority. So, once you understand that was an actual error, apologies to your customer because nothing other than empathy can help you to make your customer continue with your brand.

You’ve understood what the problem is and now it’s time to look up for the solution. Your solution should be quick unless you want more negative reviews for the same glitch. If you can solve the problem, offer them a solution or else replace the product and if nothing works, simply make a refund.

5. Saving it for the Future

A negative comment is not just a negative comment but it is a way more that, it is the chance for your business to grow. Whenever you notice a negative review, you get to know that there is a room for betterment. With every negative review and solution to it, your business moves forward towards a successful future.

Receive every negative review with a positive mind and allow your customers to know that how important are they for you. The more you connect to your customers the more they trust you.

6. Asking for Feedbacks

Once you have helped your customers by providing the right solution, it’s your time to make a wish. Ask them for feedback and whether they liked your solution or not? Shoot them an email asking them about the experience. And because you’ve worked hard to help them out, there are more chances for you to get positive reviews. Moreover, you can also use these stories as a weapon to let the others know about such customer experiences. Such positive stories can help to land up more potential clients.

6. Use Complaints for Content Marketing

You can start a blog for your company and can use your Customer Complaints to write your blog content. You should create content about your user complaints and publish on your blog. For Example, if you are a DSLR Camera Manufacturer Company. But you’re getting some complaints about the quality of the images with your DSLR.

And After some Investigation, you found that those customers are not using the right settings to get the high quality.

Then you can create content about how to set up your DSLR. Why are you not getting the HD Images or other like these? It will help your existing & new customers to trust your brand. You can do SEO for those Guides to rank in Google.

Final Words

Every business has some shortcomings and you can’t ignore it but what you can is to try making things better. You might come across some glitches in your products or services through some negative reviews but the best part is you can convert it to a marketing win.

All you need to do is process the negative reviews with a positive mind and them come up with a solution. Your simple steps with your customers can help your business outrank the competitors in no time.

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