measuring success
Are you Measuring your Success?

It’s amazing and frankly quite frightening how many Adwords accounts I get to review that have made no attempt to track how successful (or otherwise) they are. What’s even more staggering is that Google give you the facility to do this and it’s completely free.

It’s the first think I look for in any account I am asked to review and its the first thing I recommend that’s put right.

It’s just so simple that it really should be your very first consideration whenever you think about Adwords. All you need do is decide what the action is that you want someone to do when they arrive at your website and then you can use conversion tracking to measure how successful you are at getting them to take that action.

The tracking allows you to see which campaigns, adgroups, adverts and keywords are driving traffic that converts. How else can you measure your success?

So, please, if you are using Adwords then make sure you are tracking conversions.

Your Free Adwords Conversion Tracking Video Guide

In this video Vernon Riley shows you how simple it is to get the conversion tracking code and install it onto your website.