Do you want your photo displayed on search results in google for any articles you write on your blog?

By having your photo displayed it will improve the click through rate and will also help with your personal branding.

In this article we explain in more detail what author rich snippets are and how to set them up.

What is Author Rich Snippets?

Google allows you to add additional information to your article so that your picture is displayed alongside the article in the search results.

To set this up you will need a Google plus profile. As part of the search results it will display the amount of people that have you in Your Google circles.

Author Rich SnippetsYour Photo and Google Plus Circle Information Displayed

What are the main advantages of having Author Rich Snippets?

  • A listing with an image in the listing is going to capture more attention than one without it so click through rate should be higher.
  • Displaying the amount of times you are in circles could increase the perception of you as an author if the number is high!
  • It is good for personal branding as your image is displayed in more places.

How do you set this up?

a). You can link your Google + account with your email address

If you have an e-mail address which has the same domain name as the website with the content you can link your e-mail to this content. You do this by going to the Google authorship page and entering in your e-mail address.

Linking Google PlusLinking Your Email to a Google Plus Account

For this to work you need to have a recognizable headshot as part of your Google plus profile. You also need to make sure that in your posts you mention the authors name (e.g. By Ian Cleary) and this name matches up to the name on the Google plus profile.

b). Linking your content to your Google Plus profile

For any posts you write you can add an additional line of HTML to them that links your content to your Google + profile.

For example:

Ian Cleary

Replace the link with to the google plus profile with your own. This is displayed in the browser window when you are on your profile page:

Google Plus AddressYour Google Plus profile id

Also change the author to your name (which should match up the profile name of the user).

You also need to a link to your website from Google plus.

Linking Your Google Plus to Your Website

This is really essential for everyone to set up. Have you set it up yet? Have you seen any improvements in click through?