The social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, along with Google have banned all the ads for cryptocurrencies. The main reasons to do this are scams and frauds. However, there are plenty of websites online that scam people every day, and they go free from legal actions. This problem might be temporary but how do you market crypto services to new users without an online presence?

Do you remember the last time you saw an ad for Ethereum, Bitcoin or Litecoin? Did you see their ads on Facebook, Twitter or Google? The probability of both the answers is no. The reason is that ads are not the buying force of every product or service. They trigger you to take a decision but depending on ads entirely don’t always satisfy users.

Blockchain marketing is not any other product or service that has to meet demand. They promote digital currency that had people’s interest for a long time. There were already different ways to let people know what they are. For example, a decentralized p2p payment system for Bitcoin and a platform to build censorship-resistant apps for Ethereum.

New Ways to Proceed with Blockchain Marketing

The crypto entrepreneurs can target customers and also do it without the support of social media sites. The following methods will help you create a network in a more systemized way:

● Crypto-Communities

There are plenty of crypto-communities online, and you need to target right platforms. Reddit, Quora, Bitcoin Talk, Slack, Telegram, and Medium are some options. Be present on these platforms and follow the rules they set. Don’t trust contractors and try to get direct people.

● Github

Start sourcing your code so that you get in touch with developers and then promote what you are doing.

● Social media

Facebook and Twitter have banned ads related to Bitcoin, but they can’t stop you from talking. Be vocal about who you are and what you do. Get people on the payroll to do it, especially your partners. You can create an account for the service you provide. Just be vocal and talk about what you do. You don’t have to promote your services, but you can speak in a general aspect and make people aware of the blockchain.


Just as you can use social media, you can also use the power of SEO. Google has only banned ads but not links. People search for content, and you need to optimize content for your crypto project.

● App Store Optimization

You can use this method if you have a mobile app. Although the image of mobile apps in crypto is low in value, it doesn’t mean you can’t have one. Most of these apps are poorly optimized because people fail to understand its importance. You must care about the icon, text, screenshot, keyword localization, description, and so on. It must look presentable and not scam-like.

● Referrals

People hardly use the trick of references even when they know how it helps them optimize. Even for crypto services people must try enabling this for their current users and invite new ones. It is a rewarding way to market the blockchain. The most excellent examples are Spotify and Dropbox.

● Press Release

PR doesn’t mean hiring an agency because it wastes your time and money. You can hire a blogger or a journalist to market your services. Try to build a healthy relationship with bloggers and tell them what you do. Interest them in your services, and they will promote you with the right words.

● Crypto-Rings

You can partner with other crypto services and find new users through the process of crypto-rings. This is also known as syndicated projects, and Airswap is an excellent example to use the method.

● Bounty Bugs

These help you create rewards for users that help debug services. It can attract the bounty hunters but can also have the advantage to establish your name in the crypto world.

● Events

The crypto industry still lacks enough events where people can talk about its growth and future. There are so many congregations happening every day, so why not talk about crypto? You might not have the money to organize a conference on your own, but you can find a rare congregation, and be a part of it. Try to speak to the organizers and see if they allow you to have the platform for a while. You can make more people aware of blockchain marketing and also about what you do.

● Podcast Sponsoring

There are good crypto podcasts that you can target. These are the right places to sponsor. You can start with the content but as it is easier to get through. Some options to try podcast sponsoring are Coin Talk, Unchained, F11S, and Epicenter.

● Good Content

The power of good content can take you miles. It allows you to use SEO is the right way and helps you leave an impact. Blogging services can help you, while you also figure out ways to amplify the content to relevant people.

● Ambassadors

Having advisors might not be the ideal option. However, you should get in touch with known people who are active ambassadors, as they can help you. They can invest, suggest, or make more people aware of what you do. The power of word of mouth can still help even if you think it is outdated.

● ICO Pre-sales Groups

If you want Initial Coin Offering to be found in the right way, you must approach pre-sales group and analysts. Getting positive reviews will improve exposure and get you a broader audience.

Just like advertising, the above methods will help you boost your presence. However, they cannot replace the fundamental value of having a good product. With time, we will know which ad network works best for the crypto industry. Till then, you must do your best and see which methods work well for you. Gradually, build a team that helps you have a more systemized way to approach new customers.

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