Social media and SEO are more intertwined than ever before; just look at the creation of the latest social network, Google+. Google, the undisputed king of search, is making a viable attempt at entering into the realm of social media, solidly owned by Facebook. Meanwhile, Facebook and Bing have formed a partnership to personalize the individual SERP of every Bing searcher. What does this mean for site owners? If you want your SEO to succeed, you have to start incorporating elements of social media into the mix.

Let’s start with the 800 pound gorilla of social networking—Facebook.

1. Promote your content
Social media and content marketing go hand-in-hand so well, it doesn’t make sense to not use Facebook to promote your content. When a blog post/article/video goes live, don’t just let it live on one site and hope that your target audience finds it. Even great content could use a little help getting attention! Post a snippet of your latest blog post to Facebook (not the whole thing!) to not only get a link, but also help drive traffic. If you just post the first paragraph, readers are forced to go to your blog to finish the whole post.

Posting your content to Facebook alerts your social network that there is something new on your page they should check out. It also makes it easy for them to Like or Share your content, further distributing it deeper into their social networks.

2. Cross link your profiles
Facebook may have the biggest user base, but it’s not the only social network your target audience is on. By linking from your Facebook page to Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and any other social networks you are a part of, you are encouraging your Friends and Fans to connect with you on those site in addition to Facebook. This kind of cross-pollination can help you build multiple touch points with the same customer. If you vary up your content from one account to the next, that gives people even more of a reason to connect with you on numerous platforms.

3. Customize and Optimize
Facebook lets brands create a custom URL for their Page, the perfect place to target keywords. Customizing the URL also makes it easier for Facebook users to find you. There may be more than one company on Facebook with the same or similar brand name. A custom URL will help identify you from the others.

Remember, each social profile has the ability to rank in the search engines. That doesn’t mean they only have to rank for branded searches! By optimizing your Facebook page, your profile can rank for targeted keyword searches. Facebook lets you post as little or as much information about your brand as you want. Properly optimizing and customizing it will help your SEO in the long run.