I came across a post this morning by Three Ships Media called How to Begin Attributing Offline Sales to Online Marketing. The post lists three really valuable ways to do this, and I’ve written about it before as well. See my post on Why Traditional Media Need Landing Pages Too for info on tracking conversions from TV commercials.

One form of offline marketing that is really exploding is mobile marketing. And as mobile marketing grows, there is an ever-present need for attributing ROI to mobile campaigns. While this can easily be done by providing coupon codes that customers can present in store or type in online, there are a whole host of other ways to directly increase sales and leads through mobile marketing campaigns.

Since many people are using mobile devices that can access the Internet at 3G and 4G speeds, it seems to just make sense that marketers would use mobile web pages and landing pages in mobile campaigns.

Here are a couple ideas off the top of my head for using mobile landing pages for post-click marketing:

QR Codes:

QR Codes are matrix barcodes that allows people who scan them with their mobile devices to be taken a specific web page. When I was at the Miami Auto Show a couple months ago, one of the car manufacturers was using QR Codes to take visitors to their home page where they could learn more about their product line.

Perhaps a more efficient way of doing things would be to send people who scan QR codes to dedicated mobile landing pages where you can have some sort of call-to-action. Maybe it’s a form to send more information to the person’s email address, some targeted information plus a click-to-call button, or even a page that allows the visitor to make a mobile purchase – the options for mobile landing pages are pretty extensive.

Text Messaging Campaigns:

Services like Tatango and TextHub allow your customers to opt-in to text messaging campaigns, usually to receive mobile coupons or notices about special deals.

Why not take the opportunity to include a URL every once in a while (not too often) to a mobile landing page that allows them to unlock even better deals. For instance, you might send a text that says:

“Show your waiter this text message for ½ off appetizers. EXP 3/14/11.”

And once in a while you might send a text that says:

“Show your waiter this text message for ½ off appetizers. EXP 3/14/11. Or go to yumfood.com/123 to get a coupon e-mailed to you for 1 free appetizer.”

That way you’ll have even more touch points with your customers. It also covers you if they get a new phone number or decide they don’t want to receive texts from you anymore.

Group Based Coupons:

Checking e-mail on a mobile device is pretty normal. If you’re running a group coupon ad campaign with Groupon, LivingSocial or one of the other providers, why not set up a dedicated landing page with more information. Unless I’m already familiar with your company, I’m going to click the URL to your site to find out more before I buy the coupon no matter how good the deal is. Have a mobile version of the landing page set up for people like me.

Location Based Marketing

I’ve never started a location based mobile campaign with FourSquare, Gowalla or any of the others, but it seems like it presents the opportunity for yet another use of the mobile-optimized landing page.

Whether you include a short link in a “special” or even just as a “tip” for your business, it could be a good opportunity to collect more information about your customers, and it presents the opportunity for getting them in the door again and again.

For instance, your “special” or “tip” could link to a mobile landing page with a short form asking for name and e-mail address. In exchange for the information you could offer a coupon or coupon code. This helps you get the person in the door immediately, and also provides you the opportunity to e-mail them deals and information in the future.

How are you attributing ROI to your mobile marketing campaigns? Are you using mobile landing pages in innovative ways?

Mobile post-click marketing rocks! Download our Top 10 Mobile Marketing Tips guide for free and let us know what you think!