How much attention and research do you put into your calls-to-action when crafting a landing page? If your answer is that you quickly come up with the elements that make up a CTA and stick it on the page, you probably have a difficult time getting the results for your business that you expected.

A CTA tells users what action they should take on your website and leads them to the next step. This could be anything from purchasing a product to signing up for your email list to reading more blog content. Too few marketers pay little to no attention to their CTAs even though they can make or break whether users choose to convert on your site.

If you’re looking to create CTAs for your website that convert, here are a few tips to get started.

Use personalized copy

Too often, you’ll see CTAs that tell users to “Submit” or “Click” to go to the next step. However, CTA copy plays a huge part in how well or terribly your campaign performs. There’s no point in optimizing an entire landing page if your call-to-action has bland, boring copy that speaks to a broad audience instead of a specific one.

Personalized CTAs convert 42 percent more visitors than personalized ones calls-to-action. When you visit a website’s landing page and they’re trying to sell you on an offer or to take some sort of action, how important is it that they phrase it correctly? Sometimes, one or two words can make all the difference in how your business performs.

Make sure you use personalized copy that’s tailored to the action you want your audience to take and caters to their desires. It needs to initiate action and persuade your audience to click through to the offer. If you’re offering a PDF, write “Give me my PDF” rather than “Submit,” which makes it sound like a chore. Let your audience recognize the value they’re getting by giving you their information.

Offer value

Is your offer providing your audience value? Is it going to help them in any way or give them something they want? If not, there’s a good chance you won’t see a steady incline of conversions on your website. People need to know that the action they’re taking has some sort of benefit afterward, and if it isn’t clear what that is or it simply doesn’t exist, they’ll bounce right off the page.

Use your landing page to maximize on your offer and how beneficial it is to your audience. You need to be able to sell them on it if you’re going to see the best results. Hype up what your product or service can do for users without embellishing or twisting the truth. If it’s as good as it should be, your audience will eat it up regardless.

How well are you demonstrating your offer’s value on your landing page? Your landing page and CTA cannot exist without one another, so it’s essential that both of these elements are optimized to their full potential so your business grows at a steady incline.

Pick the right color

At first glance, you wouldn’t think every minor detail in your CTA would have a dramatic impact on how well your campaign converts, but as it turns out, it makes all the difference. Elements such as size, color, copy, and positioning of your call-to-action all play a major role in how your audience perceives your offer and takes action.

Color psychology says that different colors bring about different results in user behavior. At the end of the day, there are so many factors involved that it really depends on your brand and your audience. Different colors symbolize different feelings across different cultures which also plays a huge role in how they perform.

To play it safe, keep in mind that your CTA color needs to stand out from the background of your landing page and grab users’ attention. You can use a tool like Button Optimizer to create CTAs in multiple colors to see if they clash with your background or not. The important thing is that it stands out from the rest of your landing page design and doesn’t clash with other colors. Make sure they match your brand image and are consistent with the rest of the page.

Wrapping up

You can’t expect your campaigns to perform well if you don’t have a proper conversion strategy in place, and that includes creating optimized CTAs that speak to your audience. Without them, users wouldn’t know what action to take or what to do next. You’ll have a higher chance of winning them over by offering them value, paying attention to button color, and using copy that’s personalized to their experience. How will you create optimized CTAs for your landing page?