Google offers a free and popular URL shortener,, which gives you the power to see click-through data on any shortened link… not just ones that you created.

While not as deeply integrated in as many third-party services as (which also has trackable stats) is, is a viable choice when you need to shorten and track a URL and retrieve click stats.

Want to see the stats on that URL you just saw scroll by in the twitter stream?

Easy peasy!

Simply copy the URL… for example:

And paste it into your URL bar…

Add a + sign to the end of it… and hit enter!

Creating a Shortened Link at:

Checking The Click Stats on A Shortened URL:

So, while I use BudURL Pro when I am paying for click traffic from solo ads, and while I use Pretty Link Pro for on-site link tracking, this is another viable alternative for free link shortening services.

Do you use links?

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