UnApprove Payments You PreApproved Before!

Paypal’s preapproved recurring payment program is a really handy way to subscribe to anything from courses to services.

Sometimes, however, we get what we need from the provider and are ready to put a halt to the auto-payments.

Even if you have no payments you need to stop, logging into paypal and canceling prior authorizations (even if they are not posing any threat) is a good way to maintain the health and security of your account.

How To Cancel Pre-Authorized Recurring Paypal Payments

Step 1. Log into your Paypal.com account and under the “Profile” option select “More Options”.

At this moment, that’s available at https://www.paypal.com/webapps/customerprofile/summary.view but Paypal moves stuff often.

Step 2. Once you are on your profile’s “More Options”… then in the left-side navigation, select “My Money”.

how to cancel a recurring paypal payment - screenshot 1

Step 3. Once you’re in Paypal’s “My Money” page, you will see a “My Preapproved Payments” … scroll to the right and click on UPDATE.

Step 4. In the Preapproved Payments page, you will see a list of all current and past preapproved payments. Click on the title of the one you wish to edit (cancel).

Step 5. Now that you are in the payment itself, you will see an link that says “Cancel” click that and then click yes on the confirmation

Step 6. That’s it! You’ve successfully canceled the payment. If you need to cancel any others (any that you are not actively using) use your browser back button to get back to the Preapproved Payments page!

Keep the gunk out of your paypal account and get rid of products you no longer need all in a few easy clicks!

Do you use paypal to pay for products?

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