QR Codes have been around for quite some time. But nothing as awesome as the ConnectMe QR Code. This barcode actually takes you to my public dashboard which features several ways to contact me, icons and links to my social media sites, and an icon for my main website. Also a nice sized QR Code that I can save to my computer, then add and promote anywhere and everywhere. I can also click a button and print custom business cards and other items with my code on them, and then have them shipped to my door. This technology as a whole immediately helps me; because instead of sending folks a list of all of my links, I can send them to one place and they can choose what they want to see and in what order. Here is a screenshot of what you would see if you went to http://connectmeqr.com/gary on your laptop or desktop.

In addition to this, I get to keep my same QR Code forever. If I change my website, I simple go into the built in CMS, Content Management System and change the URLs my code points to. Maybe I want to only push my Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts. No problemo. I sign in, click on “Edit mCard” and choose only to display those icons. I can also add a custom banner that displays when someone goes to my CMQR site. And the features that are coming in phase 2 are AH-MAZING! I will keep you updated.

Another great feature is the built in mobile website, and the incredible App for iPhone and Droid. I believe it is currently rated #2 in the world for QR Code Readers / Scanners. How much is it costing companies to create a mobile website for their business? A minimum of $1000 and up from there. Now that cost problem is solved with CMQR. Here is a photo of the G Social Media ConnectMe QR mobile site pulling up on the Blackberry. The iPhone and Droid Apps are even more robust!

One more thing. Like any great company, the url extensions they offer are starting with 1 letter or number. This means I have also got the connectmeqr.com/g secured as well and I would recommend getting your custom url asap. ConnectMe QR is a technology company based in Asheville North Carolina.

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