Does Your Home Improvement and Remodeling Company Need More Leads?

HOME IMPROVEMENT RENOVATION“I have a home improvement company that can never have enough good leads.  We use Google Adwords and paid someone to do SEO.  Even though I am spending almost $1,000 a month to Google, the amount of prospects contacting us isn’t that many.  Do you have a suggestion on how to increase our level of quality leads?”  Tom (Exemplum Home Improvements)

Have you felt like this owner of a remodeling and renovation company?

Good news.  One remodeling home improvement company discovered a way to increase the amount of leads and prospects they got from Google by 115%… just by changing 9 words on their website.

This approach has been statistically proven to work (I’ll show you the exact case study stats).  It can work for all sorts of businesses, not just remodeling contractors, plumbers, hvac, roofers, painters, pest control, etc.

Let’s dig in.

Is Your Home Contracting And Remodeling Business Making This Common Mistake?

It is quite common for companies that are seeking leads online to use a very generic approach.

What do I mean by generic?

HOME IMPROVEMENT REMODELINGThat simply means they use a one-size-fits-all approach to how you address your target searchers.  I’ll visually show you what this approach looks like in a minute.

What you need to know at this point is the results of this approach are typically mediocre at best.  You spend a significant chunk of money advertising on Google (or paying someone to do search engine optimization to get you “more traffic” to your website)…

… but despite all this money and effort, the leads, prospects and inquiries come dribbling in.


There Is A Better Way… With Better Results

Let me show you a better way.

In fact, what I will show you has been statistically proven by one remodeling company to more than double their leads and inquiries from their website.

Let me restate what I said earlier:  this approach works not just for construction, renovation and remodeling contractors, but other types of businesses.  We at 2nd Mile Marketing have seen it work for—

  • Plumbers
  • HVAC Contractors
  • Electricians
  • Pest Control Companies
  • … and many more.

In addition, I will show you 4 examples of how NOT to interact with your target searchers.  I will show you 4 remodeling companies that are using the generic approach.  The result is a limiting of their leads, prospects, and sales.  When I show you, you will see why.

Finally, I will show you exactly what you need to do to see excellent results from your website traffic for your contracting business.

Watch here…

One remodeling contractor has proven that using the congruence approach can increase your online lead levels by 115%   

What You Can Do Next To Increase Your Contractor Leads

If you are currently using the generic approach to get more lead and prospects from the internet, consider one of two options:

1. Personally take the time (and make the commitment) to segment out your different products and services to insure keyword specific traffic is being sent to keyword specific landing pages.

2. Spend a little money with a professional online marketing company that does it right… and have them build segmented traffic channels that go to congruent landing pages.  In addition, make sure they conduct ongoing testing of these channels to maximize results.  A congruent page is better than generic, but you can increase response rates even higher with ongoing testing.

If you are currently spending $1,000/mo to acquire leads, but you don’t have the time or expertise to implement this idea, contact 2nd Mile Marketing to set up a free evaluation of your situation.  There just might be ways we can help you double your leads and sales this year.

Notes from the video: 

A very common mistake made by many construction and remodeling contractors (and some big, national yellow page type companies) is trying to get leads from the internet is using a generic approach.

Generic ads… generic listings… which take people to a generic home page.

In reality, you will get much fewer leads, prospects and new customers with that approach.

Example ads, listing and website include:

  • Classic bars home remodeling business
  • AB home improvements
  • Affordable Contracting
  • Copper Sky renovations
  • Atlanta builders and remodeling

There is more to lead generation for a home improvement website than just visibility, or getting ranked on certain keywords, or getting more traffic.

Examination of a home improvement company case study that tested and verified a doubling in their lead levels when using a congruence model.